Sports Betting in Yukon 2022

With the smallest population in Canada, the Yukon rarely comes up in conservations when talking about Canadian sports fandom. However, with majestic mountains, dog sled racing and sharing a time zone with the West Coast, the territory is full of passionate sports fans. The National Hockey League and Canadian Football League are the two most popular sports in the region, but with the improvement of sports streaming, fans of all sports are popping up. 

Even with a small population, the people of the Yukon deserve the same great sports betting services available to the rest of Canada. Luckily for them, they no longer have to rely on just Sport Select for their sports betting needs. Each of the sportsbooks above offers great bonuses, better odds and single bet options for every of legal age in the Yukon.

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission 

Unlike the other two territories, the Yukon has a physical casino, operating all-year round. Diamond Tooth Gerties is the oldest operating casino in Canada, opening its doors during the time of the Yukon gold rush. Outside of the casino, which is located in Dawson City, residents of the Yukon can purchase lottery tickets or wager on sporting events.

Both the lottery and sports betting services of the territory are run and regulated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. The sports betting service provided to the Yukon by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation is called Sport Select.

Sport Select Review 

Lacking in quality options and requiring a minimum of two or three bets on every card, Sport Select is not the best betting option for the people of the Yukon. While wagers can now be placed online, the lack of single bet options and the poor odds make Sport Select a bad choice for the people of the Yukon. Pools and props are also available on through Sport Select, but as is the case with everything else, payouts are low, and winning is hard. 

Better Alternatives For The Yukon

No longer are the people of the Yukon limited to what is available through the WCLC and their Sport Select service. Online sportsbooks serve the region, offering better odds and value than Sport Select. The top option for the Yukon is Sports Interaction.

Sports Interaction is a dedicated Canadian online sportsbook, serving Canadian for over 20 years. The people at Sports Interaction know the struggled Canadians face when wagering on sports and provide them with a superior option. With a much greater selection of events/games, better odds and the option to bet a single event, switching to Sports Interaction is a smart move.

First-time users on Sports Interaction are eligible for a 100% bonus on their first deposit (up to $200). For more reasons on why Sports Interaction is the top-rated online sportsbook for the Yukon, check out our comprehensive review.