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Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019

Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019
As the biggest single sporting event in North America every year, online sportsbooks offer a much more extensive selection of prop bets on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LIII is beaming with betting options, from traditional options such as what team will win Super Bowl 53 to fun prop bets such as what song will Maroon 5 open the half-time show playing and the first TV Super Bowl commercials. Focusing on the prop bets, here are some of the best wagers you can place on Super Bowl LIII.


Super Bowl Prop Betting Facts

  • Coin flip landed on tails four of last five Super Bowls
  • National Anthem averages 120.4 seconds in length over the last ten Super Bowls
  • Super Bowl MVP won by a quarterback in seven of last ten Super Bowls
  • Patriots 0-3 with Brady and Belichick when winning the coin toss
  • Orange Gatorade doused on winning coach in four of last nine Super Bowls


National Anthem Over/Under

The total length of the American National Anthem is always a popular Super Bowl prop bet, as it is the first bet on the event to see action. This year, the famous Atlanta “Empress of Soul” Gladys Knight is performing the anthem. The 74-year-old has an over/under line of 105 seconds on the song (or about 15 seconds less than Pink’s line last year).

In the last six Super Bowls, no anthem has been shorter than 113 seconds (and four have gone over two minutes). While it is hard to predict the style Knight will choose for the anthem (whether soulful and slower or more Mo-town and up-tempo), expect her to linger long enough on some notes to push the length over 105 seconds.

Pick: American National Anthem – Over 105 seconds (-160)


Super Bowl Coin Flip

The Super Bowl coin flip is another popular prop bet. In the first 52 Super Bowls, tails have come up 27 times and heads 25 times. A coin flip is as close to a 50/50 proposition as anything is. The New England Patriots are calling the coin flip this year, Matthew Slate (the special team’s superhero) is calling the flip. He openly stated he will call heads on the flip. Since heads are trailing tails by two, bet on heads to close the gap and bring the percentage closer to 50% for each option.

Pick: Super Bowl Coin Flip – Heads (-120)


Half-Time Show – First Song Performed by Maroon 5

What might be the most fun bet for the casual football (or the people watching the game just for the party/half-time show) is what show will open the half-time show. Online sportsbooks are offering about a dozen options to choose from Maroon 5 discography. Looking back at last year’s Super Bowl suggests Maroon 5 will open with a song from their most recent album Red Pill Blues, which they are still touring for in 2019. That makes the option “Girls Like You” the best bet. It is there most recent single off their last album, and the positive message of the song could be viewed as a smart move by the team organizing the half-time show.

Pick: First Song Performed by Maroon 5 – Girls Like You (+600)


Colour of Gatorade Poured on Game-Winning Coach

One of the most photographic moments of any during the Super Bowl is when the Gatorade gets poured on the game-winning coach. Since both the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots have blue in their uniforms and logos, betting it will be the colour gives bettors a good chance of winning their bets, no matter which team wins Super Bowl LIII.

Pick: Colour of Gatorade Poured on Game Winning Coach – Blue (+375)


Find the best Canadian sportsbooks below for betting on Super Bowl LIII prop bets.


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