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Sports Betting Options During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Sports Betting Options During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Online sportsbooks also operate online casinos, with slots, card games and tabletop games. They also offer virtual sports and eSports.

As the sporting world has all but shut down, and casinos are closing across Canada as well due to the Coronavirus, many are left without much to do. Sports betting has declined, with only a few events such as eSports, some international soccer and volleyball continuing to operate. A few futures markets remain open, such as NFL betting odds. Overall, though, sports betting as a whole has taken a massive hit.  

However, betting on sports is not the only option available on online sportsbooks. Most online sportsbooks have an online casino and virtual games, where Canadians can bet and win real money and have some fun at the same time.

Sports Interaction leads Options for Canadians

For example, Sports Interaction offers Canadians dozens of different games in their online casino. Card games, slots, table games and video poker are all available and operate 24-hours per day all year long.

Sports Interaction highlights their most popular games at the top of their casino page. They also provide links to the different subsets of games (card games, tabletop, slots and video poker), where Canadians can find everything available on their online casino. Sometimes they highlight the jackpot amount on certain games. Also, many games are based on pop culture (such as television shows, movies and comic books). For some, the familiarity adds more fun.

Depending on the casino game determines the minimal and maximum amounts you can wager. Many slot machine games start at just one cent per line. Games like blackjack allow players to bet between $1 and $100 per hand.   

Spin Sports has a dedicated page for eSports

Customers who receive a sign-up bonus can use that bonus to bet on eSports. All our top-rated partners offer odds on eSports. Spin Sports offers a great variety of betting on eSports. Some of what they offer are shown in the photo below.

These are just a few options for entertain to help you navigate this time in the world. While sports will eventually return, the exact time and what will be rescheduled is up in the air. For now, it is best to find ways to keep yourself entertained at home. Free money for online casinos live betting on eSports and virtual games should help you pass the time.

Remember to stay safe and be vigilant. Once sports return and the world returns to normal, we will again start posting free betting predictions on upcoming events. However, until that day we here at Canadian Sports Books wish you and your families good health.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

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