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Best FIFA World Cup Odds & Prop Bets Ahead of Knockout Stage

Best FIFA World Cup Odds & Prop Bets Ahead of Knockout Stage
With the Group Stage over, only 16 countries remain at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The draw is set, with Brazil opening as the favourite. While Brazil has looked the part of a champion their last two matches, Spain is well-positioned to reach the finals and capture their second World Cup in the previous three tournaments. Of course, after watching the Group Stage of this World Cup, anything seems possible.

2018 FIFA World Cup Futures Update 

With Germany making a shocking exit in the Group Stage, Brazil moves into the top spot on Sports Interaction’s future list. While the Brazilian team looked shaky in their first game, they rallied hard to finish off their last two games of the Group Stage with impressive wins.

World Cup Futures

Spain is not too far back from Brazil and has an easier path to the World Cup Finals. The Spanish team remains undefeated in international play, dating back to July 2016. Their defence recovered since their 3-3 draw against Portugal but still needs to take another step forward to carry the team through to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals.

Belgium, France and England round out the favourites to win the 2018 World Cup. Belgium led all countries in the Group Stage with a +7 goal differentiate. England’s young team, despite a loss to Belgium, looks as formidable as it has in decades.

In fact, many agree England losing their match against Belgium set them up for an easier path to the Finals. France, despite entering the tournament as a top-five favourite, seems to get little fanfare, despite their solid all-around performance in the Group Stage.

Argentina, Portugal and Croatia are also interesting teams entering the Knockout Stage. After an emotional win to advance, Argentina could have the momentum to keep their tournament going much longer than people expected just a few days ago.

If Cristiano Ronaldo can continue his impressive play this World Cup, Portugal has the best player in the tournament. While soccer is a team sport, no one ever says having the best player in the world hurts your team’s chances of winning.

At the end of the Groups Stage, Croatia looked like the best team in the tournament. If they can continue their strong play, they are as tough an out as anyone left in at the World Cup

Outside of the countries mentioned, no one really has a high chance of winning the tournament. Avoid betting on them, outside of betting on some of the nations to draw in the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals if they advance that far.

2018 FIFA World Cup Winner Prediction

As great as Brazil is, the health of Neymar remains a question on the minds of all soccer fans and bettors. With the competition increasing and teams likely playing more physical, Neymar could struggle to stay on the pitch for another two weeks.

After Mexico, Brazil will likely play Belgium, followed by either France, Argentina, Portugal or Uruguay. While Brazil (barring Neymar ruled out before the game starts) would enter each match as the favourite, the degree of difficulty to win these three games to get to the Finals is high.

Spain is the best country to wager will take home the 2018 World Cup. Despite changing managers mere days before the start of the tournament, the Spanish team is clicking like a well-oiled machine (with room for improvement). Even with Croatia and England on their side of the bracket, Spain’s path to the Finals is more straightforward and less likely to take a toll on their players.

Pick: Spain to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup (+456) at Sports Interaction

Best Underdog to Wager Will Win the 2018 World Cup

The one country getting plenty of buzz entering the Knockout Stage is Croatia. Croatia was one of just three countries (joining Belgium and Uruguay) to win all three of their Group Stage matches. Croatia’s history at the World Cup is brief. Before the 1998 World Cup, they never participated in the tournament as a solo nation (previous playing as a part of Yugoslavia). In 1998, Croatia stunned many, winning bronze in their first World Cup.

Since 1998, Croatia had not made it past Group Stage of the tournament. However, after a dominating Group Stage performance, Croatia has better odds of winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup than perennial powerhouse Argentina and tournament daring Portugal.

Croatia’s draw going into the Finals is not overly daunting. A date with Spain in the quarters is no easy match. However, if they continue to perform as they have over the last two weeks, they could upset Spain to move on to the semis.

At +1000, betting on Croatia to win the tournament is a great bet. It is not a bad call to hedge a Spain futures’ bet with a bet on Croatia to win the World Cup.

Pick: Croatia to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup (+1000) at Sports Interaction

Best Finalist Matchup Wager

Canadian sportsbooks also offer the ability to pick what two countries will meet in the Finals. Consider Considering the first two wagers both have lines higher than +200, it is possible to make another bet here and still come out with a profit if any three are correct.

There are too many potential Finals matchups to list here, so we shall only focus the best few to wager on. Spain and Brazil top the odds at +700. As the top two teams remaining in the tournament betting on this as the Final matchup is a fine strategy. However, after considering the difficult of Brazil’s path to the Finals the chance Spain is upset by Croatia (or potential England in the semis), it is an excellent time to consider a few different options to cover more of the field.

With the top scorer at the end of the Group Stage, Harry Kane and England have a great chance at ending England’s World Cup drought. England has a favourable draw. They can match Columbia’s firepower in the Round of 16 and are better overall than Switzerland and Sweden.

They most likely will face Spain or Croatia in the semis. Since Spain and Croatia would play before meeting England, bettors could see some fatigue from the winner, helping England win and reach their first Finals since winning the tournament in 1966.

From the other side of the bracket, Brazil could be the team to bet they will play in the Finals. However, we have already expressed our concerns around Brazil and will look elsewhere.

France is someone sliding under a lot of people’s radar entering the Knockout Stage of the tournament. France avoids a quarterfinals match against Belgium and Brazil, and instead plays the winner of Uruguay and Portugal. While Portugal and Uruguay are quality teams, they do not have the overall talent of the Brazil or Belgium squad.

France would then draw Brazil or Belgium. France’s team is more experienced than Belgium and has fewer health concerns than Brazil. Like England, avoiding the tough Quarterfinals match could play a significant factor in their success in the Semi-Finals.

At +2200, a France and England Finals sits just outside the top-ten for Finals odds (out of 64 possible Finals). It does offer excellent value and gives you a quarter of the field if you also bet on Croatia and Spain to outright win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Pick: England and France Finals at the 2018 FIFA World Cup (+2200) at Sports Interaction

World Cup
World Cup
Final stage - 1/4 finals
  • R16
  • 1/4
  • 1/2
  • 3rd pl.
  • Final
Away Score Home Money Line
Friday 06 July
France 10:00 Uruguay +106 +368
Belgium 14:00 Brazil +273 +118
Saturday 07 July
England 10:00 Sweden -103 +375
Croatia 14:00 Russia +275 +300

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