2022 Grammy Awards Betting Predictions
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2022 Grammy Awards Betting Predictions

It’s award season in the entertainment world — and the Grammys are “sometime” soon. We say sometime because an official date is up in the air (more on that soon). But we know the nominees and we know the bettings odds, which is more than enough to make 2022 Grammy Awards predictions! Read on for expert advice on how to bet the music award show at top Canada sportsbooks. 

When Are The 2022 Grammys?

Let’s start here since you’ll need to know how long your money will be tied up before it can be cashed out. The Grammys were supposed to be on January 31. Due to a rise in COVID cases across the United States (and world), the Grammys are postponed indefinitely. That news came out in early January and we still don’t know when the 2022 Grammys are as of this publish date.

From a betting perspective, the lack of a Grammys date is obviously not ideal. The NFL Super Bowl is near and that’s practically a national holiday to bettors, and with that, a big expense on the wagering bankroll. So if you’re betting the Super Bowl (which c’mon, you likely are) and have a limited budget, you might not want to wager on the Grammys until after the Super Bowl. In other words, prioritize NFL betting over Grammys since it’s happening first. Use those Super Bowl winnings on the Grammy picks we have below.

2022 Grammy Award Picks

There’s no shortage of Grammy Awards on the line this year, but as always, the “Big Four” categories are the most interesting. The four include Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best New Artist. Two of these awards encompass our 2022 Grammy Awards picks because we sense they have the most betting value. Let’s get into them:

2022 Grammys Album Of The Year Pick

This award has been female domination as of late. Five of the past six winners have been female and to little surprise, the top-three with the best betting line to win this year are again women. Two of those, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, have contributed three of the five recent wins.

Still, the favorite isn’t either one. No, it’s the 18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo, who is actually the odds-on favorite to win all “Big Four” awards category — which would be a rare sweep. Her debut album “sour” took the music industry (and TikTok) by storm, which sets up a big night for here whenever the Grammys happen. Yet, we’re skipping a bet on her here.

Why? Well, it’s not because we think her album is inferior. No, that’s not how these awards are won. They’re won based on media narratives. Rodrigo’s narrative is the “new shiny toy” which is typically effective, but less so than female empowerment and artist ownership — at least in 2022. Those two aforementioned narratives are currently being combined to perfection by Swift, a three-time winner of this award (most in history by a solo female artist).

Swift is in the process of re-recording her previous albums, thus gaining ownership of these “new” albums — and sticking it to her old record label and “rights holder” Scooter Braun, who were profiting the most from her artistry. You can’t write a better script than that for the current, politically-charged 2022 climate. While Evermore, the album nominated, isn’t a re-recording, it’ll get swept up in this entire narrative, which behooves Swift. We like the Swift narrative and we like her +500 betting line even more to score the upset.

2022 Record Of The Year Pick

Alright, Record of the Year and Song of the Year are eerily similar awards. You’ll find many of the same nominees between the two. But we’re betting the Record award over Song because we’re found another media narrative trend to exploit.

You see, what we neglected to mention earlier about the narrative is they have a shelf life of about two years before they become “old news.” It’s a natural byproduct of the music industry which incentives new work and yes, storylines to sell records and clicks. With that in mind, Billie Eilish’s narrative is old news by now.

She’s won this category for two straight years. No one in the history of this award, which dates back to 1959, has ever three-peated. Not one. Eilish will not break that mold because you can only be the “new shiny toy” until you’re replaced by the next — which is Rodrigo this year. Bet on Rodrigo here to win.

How To Bet On The Grammys?

You won’t find Grammys betting at traditional sportsbooks or casinos. That’s because betting on such events isn’t legal in most parts of the world — but Grammys' betting is completely fair game at online bookies like the ones listed underneath. These bookmakers have the most diverse betting menus around that encompass regular sports and entertainment-like events.

Here’s our final tip before letting you go: make your Grammy (and Super Bowl) bets for free by cashing in a sportsbook sign-up bonus. Sites are offering hundreds of dollars in free play off of these deals and it can help build up in a hurry your betting bankroll we mentioned earlier. Hit one of the “play now” buttons underneath to claim your free money!