Betting Predictions To Win 2022 NHL Hart Trophy
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Betting Predictions To Win 2022 NHL Hart Trophy

One of the most competitive battles in the NHL right now ain’t even for playoff standings. No, it’s for the Hart Trophy, the league’s equivalent to the MVP award. Let’s take a look at the ongoing battle and offer our very own betting predictions for the 2022 Hart Trophy. 

Just how competitive are things currently? Well, have a gander at the betting lines to win underneath. All the top contenders are plus-money right now and realistically speaking, any one of these four players could take home the hardware at year’s end:

2022 NHL Hart Trophy Betting Contenders

Like we said before, this is really a four-man race at this point. So let’s break down each of the four remaining Heart Trophy betting contenders in an effort to whittle down our luck to one single player. Here we go one-by-one:

Connor McDavid

The betting favorite across popular Canada sportsbooks right now is the reigning Hart Trophy winner, McDavid of Edmonton. He ran away with the award a season ago, tallying an eye-popping 105 points during the heavily COVID-affected season. That point total was 21 points ahead of the next-best player too. This year, McDavid isn’t blowing the competition out of the water in the same respect. At the moment, his 64 points (40 goals and 24 assists) are the second-most in the league.

McDavid opened as the futures bet favorite, a position he’s held consistently during the season. But a slump from Edmonton in January opened the door for other MVP discussions beyond McDavid. Much of his Hart Trophy chances hinge on the Oilers being successful. The team’s current fourth-place standing in the Pacific division leaves much to be desired.

Alexander Ovechkin

We’ll tell you what, the 36-year-old Ovechkin is winning the “narrative” that accompanies Heart Trophy voting, whether fair or not. In his 17th season in the league, the Capitals winger has found the “fountain of youth.” He has 60 points (29 goals, 31 assists), which places him fifth in the league. At this torrid pace, Ovechkin could have the best scoring season of his career since 2010.

Of course, Ovechkin is no stranger to this award. He’s won the Hart Trophy on three different occasions (2008, 2009, and 2013). Him playing at an MVP level at this stage of his career has a sizzle of a story that the other betting candidates lack right now.

Leon Draisaitl

Since we’ve gotten into the habit of talking about points, we should mention Draisaitl is currently leading this category. He has 65 points (33 goals, 32 assists), which edges out his own teammate, McDavid, just ever slightly. Draisaitl built this lead with a wild four-game stretch in November where he tallied 10 points. He’s also a former Hart Trophy winner, taking the award in 2020. Akin to McDavid, the Oilers' success on the ice will impact Draisaitl’s chances at winning greatly.

Jonathan Huberdeau

What a climb Huberdeau has had in the Hart Trophy betting odds. In late November, he was a long shot to win, hovering around 51.00. Now, he’s climbed to 7.50 behind 64 points (17 goals, 47 assists). Most of that damage has come over the past two months, hence the shortening of odds.

Unlike the three other betting favorites, Huberdeau has never claimed this award before so he has the “newness” factor to him. Another thing going for Huberdeau is his team. The Panthers, somewhat surprisingly, have the third-most points in the NHL currently. Unlike the Oilers or Capitals, Florida has legit Stanley Cup hopes, which could run off on Huberdeau in the voting process.

2022 Hart Trophy Betting Pick

We're not overly optimistic about Edmonton, which is a fringe NHL playoff team. Because of that, we couldn't convince ourselves on Draisaitl or McDavid for our 2022 Hart Trophy betting pick. We just can't so that leaves Huberdeau and Ovechkin.

It's a tough choice but we're taking Huberdeau. He's doing it all for the Panthers currently, leading the team in points, assists, power-play points, and many more categories. And what will ultimately separate him from the other betting candidates is Huberdeau's production is directly resulting in wins for Florida, who are Stanley Cup contenders in every sense of the word. 

Admittedly, Huberdeau needs to keep his foot on the gas pedal the rest of the regular season. If the MVP vote was today, it wouldn't be enough to give him the win. However, we're confident he'll finish out the year the strongest of the four candidates, locking up the 2022 Hart Trophy in a photo finish.

How To Bet NHL Hart Trophy?

The best betting sites to bet on the NHL Hart Trophy, or the entire league in general, are listed underneath. Given how many games are in the NHL season, the sport is one of the most opportunistic of all and the bookmakers realize this. That's why you'll find a massive NHL betting menu available at the bookies. To see all the NHL odds available, click the table below!