2021-22 NBA Futures November Betting Update
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2021-22 NBA Futures November Betting Update

As we are a month into the 2021-22 NBA Season, it is a great time to revisit NBA futures and make some updated predictions on the season.

As we are over a dozen games and a month into the season, it is an appropriate time for our 2021-22 NBA Futures November betting update.

Raptors Scottie Barnes the Best Bet for Rookie of the Year

To Win Rookie of the YearSports Interaction
Evan Mobley2.73
Scottie Barnes3.93
Cade Cunningham5.15
Jalen Green6.11
Josh Giddey15.39

Of the excellent NBA betting lines on the 2021-22 NBA Season a month, our favourite is Scottie Barnes to win Rookie of the Year.

Barnes is a stud a month into the season. He leads all rookies in points per game (16.3), rebounds per game (8.3), and field goal percentage (51.2%, minimum four shots per game). He is doing this all while playing elite defence against multiple positions.

It will be a great race, with Evan Mobley giving Barnes a challenge for the award. However, we are giving Barnes the slight edge right now in the race for 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year.

Scottie Barnes To Win the Rookie of the Year
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With Klay Thompson Returning, Golden State is the Best Bet to Win the 2022 NBA Championship

To Win the 2022 NBA FinalsSports Interaction
LA Lakers5.87
Golden State7.73

A month in the 2021-22 NBA Season the best record in the league belongs to the Golden State Warriors. As they have surged from losing the play-in game in 2021 to top of the league this year – the best 2022 NBA Finals betting lines have moved them to the third-best odds to win the NBA Championship.

They are doing this without Klay Thompson – who is due back around Christmas. Thompson has not played since the 2018-19 NBA Season. While it is a long time away, he is looking healthy and active in shootarounds.

2022 NBA Finals Odds and Picks

Pairing Thompson back with Curry in the backcourt is something every team in the NBA should fear. The “Splash Brothers” are considered the best shooting duo in NBA history. The rest around Curry and Thompson is quite good – with players developing well, posting career years, and returning to form in 2021-22.

After his trade to the Warriors – Andrew Wiggins has turned into a much more efficient scorer. Wiggins had an effective field goal percentage of .471 in Minnesota. It has jumped to .530 in two and a half seasons with the Warriors. Jordan Poole – who is filling in well for Thompson – has jumped to 17.2 points per game this season – and will be a key player for the Warriors, even with Thompson returning.

Add in Draymond Green returning to form this season and the Warriors bringing back Andre Iguodala – and the Warriors are our pick to win the 2022 NBA Finals.

Golden State Warriors To Win the 2022 NBA Championship
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Chicago Bulls to Battle their Way to Central Division Title

To Win the Central DivisionSports Interaction

While the Milwaukee Bucks are the favourite to win the Central Division – we like the Chicago Bulls to end their run at the top. The Bucks have won three straight Central Division titles. However, the Central Division has been arguably the weakest in the NBA the last three years – with only the Indiana Pacers finishing above .500 (along with the Bucks).

This season the Bulls are a good team. They are not better than the Bucks – but they have plenty of talent and do not take nights off. The Bucks – off a run to the Finals and consecutive short offseasons – are banged up this season.

While the Bucks will get their entire roster back at points this season – they do not want to push the group too hard. That means they are likely focused on the playoffs, over regular season success.

The Bulls – with veterans like DeMar DeRozan, Nikola Vucevic, and Zach LaVine – have the scoring to win plenty during the regular and edge the Bucks out for the Central Division title (they are already up four games in the division 14 games into the season).

Chicago Bulls To Win the Central Division
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Paul George is Our Longshot Pick to Win the 2022 NBA MVP

To Win NBA MVPSports Interactions
Steph Curry3.58
Kevin Durant5.46
Giannis Antetokounmpo7.03
Luka Doncic8.84
Nikola Jokic11.03
Joel Embiid18.01
Jimmy Butler25.30
JA Morant26.21
Paul George27.96

With Kawhi Leonard shelved – for potentially the entire season – the prospects for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2021-22 were diminished. However, the Clippers are playing quite well this season – at 8-5, which is good for sixth in the West – thanks to Paul George.

NBA MVP Odds picks 2022

George’s stats this season are reminiscence of 2019 when he finished third in MVP voting. George is averaging 26.5 points, 8.2 rebounds, 5.2 assists, and 2.2 steals per game. George is playing excellent basketball at both ends of the court. George ranks fifth in the NBA in points per game (26.5) and second in Defensive Win Shares (at 1.0).

If George can lead the Clippers to a top-four seed in the West – he is sure to garner plenty of attention from MVP voters and is the best underdog to bet will win the NBA MVP.

Paul George To Win NBA MVP
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Bet on Miles Bridges for Most Improved Player

To Win NBA Most ImprovedSports Interaction
JA Morant3.31
Miles Bridges3.74
Tyler Herro13.96
Dejounte Murray16.67
Cole Anthony20.55
Anthony Edwards21.88

It is a tight race between Mile Bridges and Ja Morant (at least early in the season) for the 2022 Most Improved Player Award. While Morant is a better player – Bridges is elevating his game to unexpected heights in 2022.

Bridges is averaging career highs across the board. His points per game average has jumped from 12.7 last season to 21.5. He is also averaging 3.5 assists, 7.3 rebounds, ad 1.7 steals – all career bests. If he can get his effective field goal percentage up (.521 this year vs. .596 last year) – he officially is in the All-Star Game and the perfect piece to pair with LaMelo Ball going forward.

Mile Bridges To Win Most Improved Player
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