Best Bets For UCF 273
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Best Bets For UCF 273

With the UFC 273 set to begin on April 9th, check out our best bets of the fights.

The UFC 273 card is officially set for April 9th, with the event taking place in Jacksonville, Florida. The main card will be available for purchase on a pay-per-view basis.

We'll look at some of the top bets of the night, as well as some of the matches, below. Odds were provided by SportsInteraction (SIA). UFC events have lots of prop bets available at the sportsbooks.

UCF 273 Competitors

The main event of UFC 273 looks to be very exciting. Mackenzie Dern will face Tecia Torres in the first match of the night. Mackenzie Dern has a career record of 11-2, while Tecia Torres has a record of 13-5.

Gilbert Burns will face Khamzat Chimaev to kick off the men's fights of the night. Chimaev is undefeated in his career, with a record of 10-0, while Gilbert Burns has a record of 20-4.

Peter Yan will face Aljamain Sterling in the next encounter. Yan has a 16-2 record in his career, while Sterling has a 20-3 record.

The main event will pit Alexander Volkanovski against Chan Sung Jung. Alexander Volkanovski has a 23-1 record, while Chan Sung Jung has a 17-6 record. Alexander Volkanovski has never lost in the UFC.

The Best Bets For UCF 273

Volkanovski (-1.11) will undoubtedly be the lock of the evening. Despite the fact that the odds are terrible, and bettors should definitely avoid betting on it because of the odds, there should be no chance that Jung will win this matchup.

Volkanovski's overall technique is among the greatest in the world. He should have the upper hand in this one due to his amazing strength.

It would be ideal if he went all out right away. Although it isn't always the ideal strategy in MMA, Jung could become too aggressive, making Volkanovski's getting hits easier. Due to Jung's aggressiveness, Volkanovski may even be able to knock him out. Jung has a tendency to be aggressive, which can be beneficial in some situations but will not be when he faces Volkanovski.

Volkanovski To win
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Mackenzie Dern (-108) is probably the best grappler in women's mixed martial arts. There have even been suggestions that she could be the next Ronda Rousey in the past. Despite the fact that her career hasn't been as great as Ronda Rousey's, she still employs some of the same strategies as Rousey employed back in the day.

Dern is an athletic prodigy who has won numerous contests since the beginning of her career.

Given that Tecia Torres is also one of the best in the world, it will not be an easy match for her. However, I believe that Dern will be able to overcome some of the difficulties she is now experiencing and win the match.

Dern To win
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Khamzat Chimaev (-600) is the clear favourite, and he made sure to let Burns know with some trash talk throughout the week.

Gilbert Burns, according to Chimaev, isn't quick enough for him and isn't nearly powerful enough to beat him in this bout. Despite the -600 odds, this might be one of the night's more intriguing fights. Gilbert Burns has only ever lost to the champion in Guzman at 170 pounds, but that doesn't stop Chimaev from believing he has a comfortable chance of winning. <pChimaev is a Swedish UFC fighter with a lanky frame, which is unusual for UFC competitors at times. He possesses a significant deal of length, making him one of the finest in the sport. In the majority of his confrontations, he has an advantage in the method he can strike other opponents.

Chimaev To beat the BC Lions
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Burns began his MMA career as a lightweight and progressed to the welterweight division. He's had an odd start to his MMA career, but he still has the talent and skill to win this fight.

Aljamain Sterling vs. Petr Yan -500 will be my favourite fight of the evening. Despite the fact that Peter Yan is the overwhelming favourite in this one, I believe Sterling has a chance to win.

This isn't the first time these two have clashed. We saw Aljamain Sterling win their battle a little over a year ago. However, the main reason he won is that Petr Yan was disqualified for an illegal knee. Throughout the bout, it was evident that Yan had control, and Sterling would have easily lost the battle if he hadn't used an illegal knee.

Sterling is one of the top strike catchers in the world, averaging 4.84 strikes per game with a 49 percent accuracy rate. He'll need to be able to land strikes at a high level if he wants to win this tournament.

The UFC 273 should be one of the most entertaining events of the year, so get the pay-per-view and prepare for a fantastic evening.

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