Betting Picks For 2022 Tim Horton's Brier
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Betting Picks For 2022 Tim Horton's Brier

Curling has had its “moment to shine” as of late. The sport was a staple at the recent 2022 Winter Olympics and it's once again on display in the 2022 Tim Horton's Brier — the annual Canada championship for men. The event is ongoing and the finale is Sunday, March 13. You’ll find updated betting picks for the 2022 Tim Horton's Brier right here if you keep reading on.

Not only is a $300,000 purse on the line at the Brier (which is split between the top five teams) but so is the opportunity to represent Canada in April at the 2022 LGT World Men's Curling Championship in Las Vegas (an honor for the winner only). Eighteen countries qualified for the tournament (which is two more than usual), but the field has been whittled down (more on that soon). Canada’s best sportsbooks have odds on who’s most likely to be the winning team. Here they are:

TeamBet99Sports Interaction
Wild Card 1 - Gushue2.402.40
Alberta - Koe3.503.50
Northern Ontario - Jacobs3.853.85
Canada - Bottcher7.007.00
Wild Card 2 - Dunstone9.509.50

2022 Tim Horton's Brier Recap

As we said, the tournament is already underway, having started on March 4. Before we get into our betting picks, let’s recap what’s happened at the 2022 Brier, to begin with. Thursday marked the end of the round-robin stage. Pool A and Pool B — each consisting of nine teams — played one another. After all that, only six teams remain in championship contention.

In the A pool, Alberta’s Kevin Koe has secured the top spot with a 7-1 mark. Because of the positioning, Koe, third B.J. Neufeld, second John Morris and lead Ben Hebert earn extra rest in the playoffs. The team will get to avoid the crossover playoff qualifier games between the second-and third-place finishers in the two pools. The same can be said about the Brad Gushue-led Wildcard #1, who clinched Pool B with a perfect 7-0 record. The two teams, as expected, are on a collision course with one another in the final.

The other four teams that have reached the postseason — but without a first-round bye — are Canada, Saskatchewan, and Wild Card #2. These teams will duke it out in the crossover games mentioned beforehand. The crossover winners will then battle the pool leaders, with the victors advancing to the Page playoff 1-2 game Saturday and the losers meeting in the 3-4 game. This is the new expanded playoff structure that’s a byproduct of the newly-introduced 18-team format.

Best Bets To Win 2022 Tim Horton's Brier

Without further ado, allow us to explain who the best bets to win the 2022 Brier are. And yes, the bets is plural because we’re not making just one choice, we’re doing two. Think of it as “risk management” in case an upset (or two) strikes.

Kevin Koe Or Brad Gushue?

To no one’s surprise, the top two teams are once again skipped by Koe and Gushue. In five of the past six years, one of the two won the Briers (the lone outlier was 2021 when Brendan Bottcher and Team Alberta snapped the streak). Therefore, you really need to bet on at least one of the two to prevail. In that case, who's the better bet?

For us, we’re picking Koe and Wild Card #1. You can’t really go wrong with either team, but Koe and company have looked slightly more dominant in the first stage of the tourney, evident by its undefeated record. Its defence has been especially dominant, allowing a completion-low 29 points. That sounds like a winning formula to us!

Wild Card #1 to win 2022 Briers championship
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Canada A Good Under-The-Radar Play

Boucher, the defending champion, led Canada to a 7-1 mark in Pool A. It wasn’t enough to win the group, but without question, they’re the best team in the crossover games. Since they must play this extra game, their betting line to win has lengthened — but hey, that just creates betting value for you. They have a tougher path to win the tourney, but they just might with Boucher at the helm.

Canada to win 2022 Briers championship
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How To Watch 2022 Tim Horton's Brier

If you’re in Canada and want to watch the 2022 Tim Horton's Brier, then TSN has you covered until the tourney ends. The network will live air all the playoff games. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming:

  • Friday, March 11 — Playoff 1 at 2:30 pm and Playoff 2 at 8:30 pm
  • Saturday, March 12 — Page Playoff at 3:30 pm and 8:30 pm
  • Sunday, March 13 — Semifinal at 1 pm and Finals at 8:00 pm

Steaming is also possible. The Briers is available on TSN Direct, TSN’s website, and the TSN app — though, you’ll need a subscription to the network to gain access to these services.

How To Bet 2022 Tim Horton's Brier

If you’ve read this far, congratulations, you’re officially all caught up on the curling event! All that’s left? Is to place your own bets on the 2022 Tim Horton’s Brier — whether that’s with our picks or against it. To lock in your wagers, visit one of the Canadian bookmakers listed underneath. You’ll want to get on this quick because the tourney is on the verge of ending.

One last piece of advice before we let you go: earn free play via a big-money sportsbook bonus. If so, your Briers bets could essentially be free of cost. The underneath table details what bonuses are currently up for grabs. Pick one and hit the corresponding “get bonused” button to begin the redemption process for free money!