Top 10 Soccer Players Who Slept With A Teammate’s Wife

Teammates, in any sport, spend so much time together that often become more than teammates but friends. Even if teammates do not get along, there are rules for the sake of the team. One of these rules is to not sleep with a teammate’s girlfriend or wife. A pact that some kinky elite players around the world unfortunately take as a challenge… Here are the top 10 soccer players who slept with a teammate’s wife. Work together…Lose together!

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Chemistry is an important component in sports. The best teams need to have chemistry and not hate each other. When players have affairs with teammates significant others it hurts morale and chemistry. Short term impacts when betting on soccer will be evident, the long-term is a different story. If a team is smart, the best decision may be to cut ties with that player. Of course, if that player is a superstar, things may different and the decision will not be as easily made. 

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Soccer is not the only sport where chemistry matters. When betting on any sport, from the National Football League to the National Basketball Association – development of chemistry takes teams from middle-of-the-pack to legitimate contenders. The Chicago Blackhawks, just last season, shipped out a key piece from their Stanley Cup roster because of the possibility of an affair with a team. The decision, likely tough, benefitted the team as they went on to win another Cup with a happy, healthy roster…

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