Betting Predictions For 2022 Oscars Awards
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Betting Predictions For 2022 Oscars Awards

Mark your calendars for March 27 right now because that's when the 2022 Oscars awards take place — and the night you make a few extra bucks betting. How so, you ask? By taking our free advice on betting the 2022 Oscars in this article. We're giving you three predictions for the biggest awards of the night so keep reading for the perfect script.

2022 Oscars Best Picture Betting Pick

While there are 10 different nominees to win Best Picture, there are really only three movies — The Power of the Dog, Belfast, and West Side Story — with a real chance at winning, at least according to the top Canada sportsbooks. Before we give our Best Picture betting pick, it would pay to see how those same sportsbooks are pegging the Best Picture race, to begin with.

Each of the betting front-runners has its own unique flair. Belfast is a black-and-white throwback, The Power of the Dog is a drama centred around the Wild West days, and West Side Story is a musical directed by Steven Spielberg. But only one of the three was also nominated for best directing, writing, and editing — and that would be The Power of the Dog. In fact, with 12 nominations, Power of the Dog leads the way across all categories.

The Oscars are not only set up to be a big night for The Power of the Dog but its distributor Netflix. How Hollywood has begun embracing the platform with open arms — after many years of hesitancy before — is the big story to notice before betting. No studio earned more Oscars nominations than Netflix with 27. It’s the third straight year Netflix has led the way for nominees.

However, there’s one thing that Netflix has yet to do at the Oscars and that wins the esteemed Best Picture category. With traditional Hollywood and Netflix all but married now, 2022 seems like the year for Netflix, and with it, The Power of the Dog, to win Best Picture and a host of other awards. We're betting on the favourites here and not thinking twice about it!

2022 Oscars Best Actor Betting Pick

Per the betting odds, there's much less drama in the Best Actor category. One of the most one-sided betting lines to win of the whole night is Will Smith here. In King Richard, Smith played Richard Williams, the parent of Venus and Serena — two of the greatest tennis players of all time. Given the 1.40 price on Smith, there's not a whole lot of money to be made betting on him and that's why we're going a different direction with our Best Actor betting pick

Sometimes in betting, taking a "flyer" on a low-risk, high-reward is worth it. While these flyer bets don't hit the majority of the time, the few times they do, the payouts make all the previous losers worthwhile. With that said, if there's a flyer bet to take across all Oscar bets it's Andrew Garfield for Best Actor

If this award was voted by the general public — and not the "academy" — Garfield would win in a landslide. He's garnered a lot of public support the past few months, fresh off his guest appearance in the blow-out hit, Spider-Man: No Way Home. And that popularity played a factor in Tick Tock Boom's surprise success as a Netflix original. Perception matters plenty during award season and few talents have as much positive spin as Garfield right now, which makes the underdog bet worthwhile. 

2022 Oscars Best Actress Betting Pick

It's a dead-heat between Nicole Kidman and Kristen Stewart for the Best Actress betting pick. Both played two of the most memorable faces of the 20th century — Lucille Ball (from I Love Lucy) for Kidman and Princess Diana for Stewart. 

Either one is deserving of getting the winning nod, but our inclination is more with Kidman. We say that because the Spencer movie has become polarizing since its late 2021 release. General audiences have the film rated a mere 52% on Rotten Tomatoes. That might hurt her chances, especially against Kidman — a proven commodity at the Oscars with now three Best Actress nominations. We're staying on the safe side and betting Kidman here for her role in Being The Ricardos.

How To Bet On 2022 Oscars?

Yes, you can bet on the Oscars — or any other major award show for that matter. Modern-day online sportsbooks don't just offer traditional sports to wager on anymore. No, no, there are also entertainment categories and even politics. To find more Oscars bets (or another award show), pay a visit to one of the bookmakers listed below! You'll find up-to-date future bets on a world well beyond sports!