Best NBA Bets For January 31, 2022
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Best NBA Bets For January 31, 2022

An eight-game slate is on tap for the NBA on Monday. Four of those games, in particular, caught our attention betting-wise. Read this article to get our best NBA bets for January 31. The best part? These picks are yours for free!

Moneyline: Memphis Grizzlies at Philadelphia 76ers

This might be the most marquee NBA matchup on Monday — one we believe will draw heavy betting action at the best Canada sportsbooks. It features two teams that are red-hot and led by MVP candidates. While the spread was appealing, we're being pulled to the Memphis-Philadelphia moneyline more.

Why? Because we think the Grizzlies are winning. We could play it safe and take them on the spread — where they are three-and-a-half-point 'dogs. But we're feeling risky to start the new week off and betting them straight up instead. No team in the entire NBA has played as well as they have the past two months. None. Get this, Memphis has won 16 of their past 19 games. 

Though, they do run into a buzzsaw in Joel Embiid, who's become the betting odds favourite to win the league MVP. In this game, Embiid draws a relatively tough matchup against Steven Adams, who's revitalized his career in Memphis. We're not saying Adams will "stop" Embiid, but he'll slow him down enough to catapult the Grizzlies to a critical road victory.

Against The Spread: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics

Fatigue is often brought up when making NBA bets — and for good reason because it matters big time. When evaluating this Heat-Celtics spread, fatigue is apparent, but on both sides. Both Miami and Boston will be playing their third game in four days, therefore, the fatigue cancels each other out. 

With tired bodies on each side, this game could be decided by depth, as in which team can go further down its bench without a significant drop-off in production. In that scenario, we like the Heat much more. This team has played long stretches without Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo this year, yet continued to win, hence why they are the Eastern Conference's No. 1 seed presently. 

Boston, on the other hand, is over-reliant on Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. So much that the two players combined to score 64 percent of the team's TOTAL points in its last game out versus Charlotte. That might cut it against a bad Hornets team, but it won't against the East's top seed. Give us Miami and give us the points on the spread.

Against The Spread: Toronto Raptors at Atlanta Hawks

There's the Hawks and then there's the Hawks at home — the same team, but completely-different play, especially as of late. After beating the Lakers 129-121 last night, Atlanta now has six straight wins on their home court. The key behind that streak? Scorching-hot offence to the tune of 120.5 points per game. That recent play weighed heavily in us picking the Hawks to cover the spread versus the Raptors.

Moreover, these two teams have yet to meet this season but will play four games against one another in the next two months. That "element of surprise" should help Atlanta keep up its scoring pace at home, at least in the first meeting versus Toronto (it'll wear off by game four, but that's of no worry to us tonight).

Over/Under 230 Points: Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets

You may have heard this someone else but in case you've been living under a rock all of January, here's a news flash: Steph Curry is cold. Ice cold — in the bad way, not the "hip" way that cold is sometimes meant. Curry is about to finish the month with the worst shooting percentage of his career. Yet despite that, this Warriors-Rockets game still curiously has a high over/under of 230 points.

So yeah, we're taking the under. Not only because of the Curry cold streak, but these two teams have played twice this year — and neither game eclipsed 230 points scoring. The first reached 227, but the follow-up game hit 208 only. Hammer the under, folks!

How To Bet On NBA Tonight?

Now that you know who to bet on Monday night, all that remains is for you to actually place your wagers. To bet on NBA tonight — all eight games, not just the four we mentioned above — then visit one of the bookies below. These bookmakers have a litany of NBA bets and sportsbooks bonus offers available right now. Click around the table underneath to get started before the NBA action begins on Monday.