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Sweden is the Favourite to Win the 2022 Men's Curling Championship

Sweden is the Favourite to Win the 2022 Men's Curling Championship
The 2022 men's World Curling Championship is set to begin on April 2nd in Las Vegas. This event will run into April 10th and will feature the gold, silver, and bronze medalist from the Olympics. Other countries will also compete.

After nearly two months since the 2022 Olympics, curling is once again going to happen during the 2022 World men's curling championship. Let's digest our betting picks.

The 2022 Men's World Curling Championship is set to begin on April 2nd in Las Vegas. This event will run on April 10th and will feature Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

Continue reading below for our best picks to win the event and for the best single-game props.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the most used online sportsbooks in Canada have yet to post the 2022 Curling Men's Championship odds. Considering that this event is just a few days away, the lines should be coming in sometime soon.

When we consider that these are the same teams that competed in the Olympics, we should have a good notion of who will win the gold medal in this one.

2022 Men's Curling Championship Preview 

This competition will feature the bronze, silver, and gold medalists from the Olympics competition.

Sweden won the gold medal in Beijing, and they will compete in this one. Sweden had an outstanding start to the Olympics, going 7-2 in the round-robin competition. Sweden advanced to the semi-finals, where they defeated Canada 5-3, then defeated Great Britain 5-4 in the gold-medal game.

Sweden To win the Gold Medal
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In this one, Canada and the United Kingdom will compete. As previously stated, Canada was defeated 5-3 by Sweden in the semi-finals. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, won 8-4 in the quarterfinals against the United States before losing to Sweden in the gold-medal game.

Another team that has a chance to win this event is the United States. They only went 5-4 at the Olympics, but they still have to be feared because they had a good run in the semi-finals and bronze medal game, where they barely lost.

This will be a little different setup than the Olympics. In the first round, each country will compete against each other, with the top six teams advancing to the second round. Teams who place first or second in the standings will advance to the semi-finals, which is comparable to the Olympic format

Best Bets To Win The Men's Curling Championship

We'll go over a few potential betting options for the event in the sections below. We'll look at a few different round-robin games and determine a winner, given that each team will have to face off in the round-robin format, and a team to win the event.

Sweeden To Win It All

The best bet coming into this one is clearly going to be taking Sweden to win the event. Considering how well they played during the Olympics, it would seem likely that they're going to continue the dominance that they were able to find.

Great Britain Might Have The Most Bang For Your Buck

Despite the fact that Great Britain did not win gold at the 2022 Olympics, they may still be the best team on the planet. Great Britain finished round-robin play with an 8-1 record, including a victory over Sweden. They did lose in the gold-medal game to Sweden, but given that they beat them earlier in the tournament, they could still be a squad to beat them when it all comes down to it. Personally, if I had to choose one bet, I would say that betting on Great Britain would be the finest bet of the tournament.

Although the odds for this event are unknown at this time, it is anticipated that Great Britain will have lower odds of winning than Sweden.

United State Could Be A Sleeper 

One thing to remember about the United States is that they might be one of the betting favourites in this one. They are unlikely to have better odds than Sweden or the United Kingdom, but they should have somewhere in the middle of the two.

The United States will do something different this year, which is to be expected, but they will not be sending the same team as they did in the Olympics. Korey Dropkin and Joe Polo are said to be coming from America. Both of these men have spent much of their careers at the top of their professions and may be considered the best bet. 

How To Bet On The 2022 Men's Curling Championship

Below, we will take a look at the best sportsbooks for bettors to place wagers for this event. All of these sites are going to give us the best odds, player props, live bets, and free bets.

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