Betting Picks For 2022 Olympics Halfpipe Competitions
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Betting Picks For 2022 Olympics Halfpipe Competitions

Snowboarding and the Winter Games go hand-in-hand. For the 2022 edition, the halfpipe event is especially worth looking into if you’re a bettor. Both the men’s and women’s events don’t lack star power or a juicy storyline. To get the best betting picks for the two halfpipe competitions in Beijing, keep on reading!

The halfpipe events run between February 8 and 10. In case you don’t know what halfpipe even is, or why it’s different than the other snowboarding events, just know this: it’s one of the most marquee competitions for a reason. Halfpipe is contested on a U-shaped ramp in the shape of a half-cylinder. Snowboarders glide down the ramp and once airborne, perform a series of tricks in mid-air. That freestyle component — and the daring tricks that come with it — makes it so special. You really don’t want to miss seeing it or betting on it.

2022 Olympic Men’s Halfpipe Betting Pick To Win

We won’t be surprised one bit if this contest ends up being the most bet-on Olympic event at Canada’s top sportsbooks. Besides its pure entertainment value, it also features one of the biggest Winter sports stars in the whole world — Shaun White. While White has the star power, he’s not the oddsmakers' favourite betting picks to win the halfpipe in Beijing. Let’s take a quick peek at the current odds to win gold in this event:

All eyes will indeed be on White, whether it’s spectator or bettors. He’s the most accomplished rider in this event’s history at the Olympics. White has not one, not two, but three gold medals in the halfpipe (2006, 2010, and 2018). If he medals in Beijing — whether that’s bronze, silver, or gold — White will become the only person to earn four medals in the competition. But there’s another reason why White will have all the attention on him: Beijing is his last hoorah.

White confirmed before the event that this will be his final Olympic appearance. At 35 years old, the time has caught up to him. But has the competition caught up to him too? The betting lines to win certainly seem to believe so because White is ranked third-best to win outright. You know, we’d have to agree with the bookies because we’re avoiding a White-to-win-gold wager — and advise you to do the same.

White can still board, but not at the level of the two betting favourites — Yuto Totskuka (Japan) and Scotty James (Australia). On one hand, Toskuka won two of the three halfpipe events in the 2021-22 FIS Snowboard World Cup. On the other hand, James took gold at this very event during the X Games.

While we think either one is a better bet than White if we had to pick only one, it would be James over Toskuka. The triple-cork he pulled off during the X Games was a thing of pure beauty and if he can duplicate it in Beijing, it’ll be tough for anyone in the field to top. Take the Australian to capture gold at these friendly betting prices!

2022 Olympic Women’s Halfpipe Betting Pick To Win

When looking at the above betting odds on the women's side, one thing becomes very clear: the halfpipe betting pick is a matter of taking the favourite, Kim, or the field. That's really it — and we're taking Kim.

At the 2018 Olympics, Kim became an overnight superstar after she became the youngest woman to win snowboarding gold. Only 17 years old at the time, Kim hit back-to-back 1080s on a final-run victory lap to cement herself in the history books. After the record-setting performance, Kim took a two-year hiatus from the sport. However, she didn't miss a beat upon returning as she collected one win after another — the Laax Open, a fifth X Games title, a second straight world title and many more to name.

In other words, there's a reason why Kim is a sizable 1.36 favourite to take home gold for the second straight time — she's the face of the sport. Not only now, but for the foreseeable future since she's only 21 years old. A bet on Kim in Beijing is a no-brainer.

How To Bet On 2022 Olympics Halfpipe Events?

As we said earlier, the halfpipe ends on February 10. So if you're going to bet on the halfpipe at the 2022 Olympics, you have to do it as soon as you finish this sentence. Seriously, bet it before the odds come down! If you need a trusty sportsbook to take the action, then reference the table below. These Canadian bookies listed are as good as they come — for Olympic betting and other sports.

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