Best Bets To Make On Toronto Raptors 2022 Futures
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Best Bets To Make On Toronto Raptors 2022 Futures

The post-Kyle Lowry era is off to an expectedly rocky start. For the first time in a long time, this year's iteration of the Raptors had no real ambitions to compete for an NBA title — and just as expectedly, they've begun the year haphazardly. But hey, that doesn't mean there aren't good bets to make on Toronto's 2022 futures. This article covers them and gives you expert advice for free!

Toronto Raptors — To Win The Atlantic Division

Alright, we're including the above bet for jokes AND for perspective. As you can see above, the basketball betting line for Toronto is incredibly lopsided here — as it should be. With a 20-18 record as of this post, the Raptors sit comfortably in third place inside the Atlantic. To win the Atlantic Division, Toronto has to catch up 4.5 games.

That's not an astronomical figure, especially since we're barely halfway through the NBA season. But the issue is who the Raptors need to catch up to: the Nets, who are the NBA title favorites at the top Canada sportsbooks. Brooklyn also just received back the services of Kyrie Irving — on away games only (for now) — and it's their division to lose, no matter what Toronto's so-so roster can muster.

So yes, skip this Atlantic division bet altogether. If you're looking for actual betting value, we have two bets coming right up for you:

Toronto Raptors — Over/Under 41.5 Wins

As we mentioned before, the Raptors are at 20 wins after playing 38 games. At this pace, they would just trek past the over/under 41 wins by the season's end. Question is, will they keep pace or stumble in the second half of the season?

As it stands, the team is trending up. It lost a few nights ago to one of the NBA's best teams, the Suns. The game went down to the wire before the reigning Western Conference champions pulled ahead to seal a four-point victory. We don't want to call it a "moral victory", but the effort showed Toronto's six-game winning streak going into the matchup — against teams that admittedly were depleted — was no fluke.

What's behind Toronto's streaky play as of late? Well, a lot. Its young nucleus that includes Fred Van Vleet, Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby, and Scottie Barnes is developing in front of our very eyes. We could speak glowing about all four of them, but let's hone in on Siakam for a moment.

After missing the first month of a season recovering from an injury, Siakam is back in top form. Against Phoenix, head coach Nick Nurse deployed him more at point guard (usual point man, Barnes, was also out). Here we have a 6-foot-8 skinny guy handling the ball and Siakam didn't flinch. No, no, he actually excelled with a 22-point, 7-board, and 7-assist effort. 

We sense this Toronto's team will improve as the season wears on, not decline. Its youth makes us confident in that prediction, which is why we're slapping the over 41.5 wins bet!

Toronto Raptors — Over/Under 9th Playoff Seeding

If the season were to end today, Toronto would be the East's 8th seed, effectively going under on the playoff seeding bet. We're already on the record saying the Raptors are trending up, therefore, we're advising an under's bet here.

Realistically, if things go well for the Raptors, they could finish as high as the sixth seed. That's their glass ceiling. Cracking into the top-5 that includes Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami Milwaukee, and Philly would be a longshot unless one of those teams lose a top-flight player to injury. But can Toronto hold off the likes of Boston, Cleveland, Charlotte, and Washington for sixth, seventh, or eighth? We certainly think so.

That's a lot of wiggle room for the Raptors. And you can pinpoint a team like the Cavs that are out two of its best players the rest of the season — no way they'll keep pace. Our optimism is high for Toronto compared to its middle-of-the-conference foes. Whereas many of them lack big-game experience, there's still a number of Raptor holdovers from its championship roster from three years ago. That's a clear buy sign to us so take the under!

How To Bet On Toronto Raptors Futures?

If you want to bet on the Raptors — whether it's the futures bets we've outlined above or day-to-day games — then visit one of the bookmakers underneath. These trusted Canadian bookmakers are your "one-stop-shop" for wagering on all things Toronto. You'll find up-to-date lines there, which reminds us, you might want to make a bet sooner rather than later. If the Raptors keep winning, you can guarantee oddsmakers will adjust these over/under futures.

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