NFL 2022 Conference Title Betting Predictions
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NFL 2022 Conference Title Betting Predictions

If you’re going to make an NFL conference futures bet, now is the time to make it! To help you do just that, we’ve put together this article with current odds and yes, our own NFL 2022 conference title betting predictions. 

With the NFL playoffs starting this weekend, the betting odds are as “spread out” as you’ll likely get from here on out. Once teams start getting eliminated — whittling down the betting choices in the process — the betting lines will get longer, meaning less value for you the bettor. Whether you heed our advice or go against it, just approach this futures bet with urgency. Now, let’s talk about our actual picks:

NFC Champion Betting Pick

Before we give out our NFC champion betting pick, let’s first see how top-rated Canada sportsbooks are even pegging the odds in the NFC. Here are the top-5 favorites to earn a Super Bowl berth:

The NFC feels like a murder’s row featuring four franchises with a lot of recent success in the past four seasons — Bucs, 49ers, Packers, Rams — and a Cowboys team that’s on the rise in a hurry. It’s not an easy pick, but here’s which team is getting our money:

Green Bay Packers

We’re fully of the belief we’re getting an NFC title game rematch from a year ago — Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay again. Or Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady, the two MVP front-runners. But in 2022, the result will be the opposite. This time, the Cheeseheads are winning and cashing futures bets to go along with it.

Why? Well, two things: the first is that the Bucs are down multiple offensive playmakers. Antonio Brown is a goner, Chris Godwin is injured, and even “Playoff Lenny” Fournette is hampered. Without them, the Bucs become much easier to defend.

And reason number-two: we think last year’s disappointment will actually make Green Bay more deadly this year — and hopefully, more aggressive with its playcalling. Matt LaFleur deservingly took a lot of flack for settling for a field goal in last year’s NFC finale (rather than going for it), but he’s not making the same mistake twice. With the road to the Super Bowl once again going through Lambeau Field, the Packers will “play to win” and not “play not to lose.” That’s what you have to do if you want to topple a seven-time Super Bowl winner like Brady.

Bet the favorites here. It may not be the “sexy” betting pick (or must lucrative), but it’s the smart choice given its balanced roster and home-field advantage.

AFC Champion Betting Pick

If the NFC is the “murder’s row”, then the AFC is the wild, wild West. The futures NFL bettings odds are more spread out, as seen below:

The Titans, despite possessing the number-one seed in the conference, are a clear number-two betting favorite to the more proven Chiefs. But you know what? We’re not backing either one to win the conference championship. Nope, instead, we’re rolling with this team:

Buffalo Bills

This somehow flew underneath the radar all year but it must be mentioned: the Bills possessed the number-one defense in the whole NFL. This season, they allowed a meager 17 points per game to opponents. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Buffalo was also tops in several other defensive categories — yards allowed (272.8 per game), passing yards (163), and third-down conversion rate (30.8%).

What’s that saying, “defense wins championships?” Welp, the Bills have a defense of that caliber — despite having no Pro Bowl selections on that side of the ball. Playoff football is overtly more defensive than the regular season, which helps Buffalo’s cause.

But of course, we have to mention the team’s quarterback Josh Allen. Yes, his stats did regress from his MVP runner-up campaign from 2020, but the kid’s still as gifted as anyone in the playoffs — not only throwing it but running it too. We don’t care how good of a defense you have, to make it to the Super Bowl, you’ll still have to make an offensive play, and we’re confident Allen can do that and then some.

Bills Mafia, you’re Super Bowl drought that dates back to 1993, ends this year. Buckle up because Buffalo vs. Green Bay is a juicy NFL championship matchup!

How To Bet On NFL Futures?

Like we said at the start of the article, time is ticking if you want to drop an NFL futures bet — not only on the conference winners but also the Super Bowl champion (which pays out better). Special bets for individual awards like MVP winner or Offensive Player of the Year are also available for a short period longer. To get in on the fun before it runs out, head to one of the online bookies listed below.

And before you go, one last thing: don't leave any sportsbook bonuses for free play on the table. Betting sites have a litany available to lure players in before the 2022 Super Bowl and through these deals, you could reap hundreds of dollars in free play. A list of offers available right now is featured below. What are you waiting for? Get on it!