Best NBA Player Stat Leader Prop Picks
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Best NBA Player Stat Leader Prop Picks

Check out our preview on the best player props bets picks to make on players to lead the 2021-22 NBA season in the major statistical categories here.

The NBA season is getting closer every day! To get you excited for the upcoming campaign, this week we cover the best NBA player stat leader bet props to place on statistical categories such as points and assists per game.

Lead the NBA in Points per Game Prediction

Most PointsBet99
Bradley Beal3.75
Luka Doncic5.40
Steph Curry6.00
Damian Lillard8.00
Joel Embiid8.40

The top four favourites on NBA betting lines to lead the league in points per game each play guard. It makes sense since the league leader in points has been a guard over the last seven seasons. Bradley Beal opens as the favourite, after narrowly losing the category to Steph Curry last season.

The departure of Russell Westbrook could open up more scoring for the 2021 All-Star. In six games without Russ last season, Beal averaged 34.7 points per game. However, the Washington Wizards are not a great team and without the playmaking/scoring from Westbrook teams will zero in on Beal. Curry is a star but with Klay Thompson returning his ceiling in points is lower.

That brings us to Damian Lillard in Portland. Lillard finished third in the NBA in point per game last season at 28.8 per game. He shared scoring duties for C.J McCollum last year (who finished with 23.1 points per game). However, if C.J. McCollum were flipped to the 76ers for Ben Simmons, Dame could suddenly become James Harden in 2018-19.

Everyone knows the scoring struggles from Ben Simmons against the Atlanta Hawks. However, he remains an elite playmaker and defender. Putting him on Portland could open up more shooting and scoring opportunities for Dame – who did average 31.2 points per game without McCollum last season. And even if that trade does not happen, an injury to Curry and the Wizards trading Beal gives Lillard a chance of leading the league away.

Damian Lillard Most Points

Lead the NBA in Rebounds per Game Prediction

Most ReboundsBet99
Clint Capela2.10
Rudy Gobert3.00
Jonas Valanciunas7.00
Domantas Sabonis8.00
Nikola Vucevic11.00

Clint Capela opens the year as the favourite to lead the league for a second year in rebounding. The former Rockets center shined in her first season in the ATL., leading the league with 14.3 rebounds per game. His rebounding numbers slightly improved when the team decided to fire Lloyd Pierce and promote Nate McMillan (14.6 vs. 14.1 per game).

Rebound Leader CSBS

Historically, many players dating back to 1990-91 are repeat rebounding per game leaders. Rodman did it seven times. Dikembe Mutombo did it twice, and Ben Wallace also twice. Kevin Garnett led the league from 2004 to 2007. Dwight Howard from 2008 to 2010, and again in 2011 and 2012. DeAndre Jordan twice. And lastly, Andre Drummond in four of the last five years before Capela.

So, can Clint Capela repeat as the lead leader in rebounds? Well, one stat that points toward him repeating is his total rebound percentage from 2021. Capela led the league at 26.06%, which ranks seventh all-time. Another key stat is – Capela – 90% of the top-ten rebound percentage season – averaged over 30 minutes per game. Capela’s minutes were down from his last two seasons.

If Capela continues to play over 30 minutes per game and matches his career-high or 33.6 per game, he can surpass 15.0 rebounds per game in 2021-22. Which should be enough to lead the league.

Clint Capela Most Rebound

Lead the NBA in Assists per Game Prediction

Most AssistsBet99
James Harden1.83
Russell Westbrook3.00
Trae Young5.00
Luka Doncic7.00
Chris Paul13.00

James Harden opens as the favourite to lead the league in assists. After being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, Harden averaged 10.9 assists per game – which would rank second had he qualified. Last year’s leader – Russell Westbrook – is now on the Lakers. Westbrook’s assist numbers stand to take a hit in LA, due to LeBron James’ playmaking abilities.

Harden is the smart bet to win the award, due to his role in Brooklyn. He has primary ball-handling duties for Nets, tasking Kyrie Irving with more off-ball stuff.

The Nets also had very few games with their big three playing together – eight games total last season. Harden in those eight games averaged 11.9 assists – or 0.2 more than Westbrook last year. Harden should get more than eight chances to play with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Additionally, the team around him is better this year - making them the best bet to win the NBA Championship. That also means more chances for Harden to orchestral a historic offence – and lead the league in assists.  

James Harden Most Assists

Lead the NBA in Three-Pointers Made Prediction

Most Three PointersBet99
Steph Curry1.57
Damian Lillard4.80
Buddy Hield6.40
Duncan Robinson12.00
Malik Beasley19.00

Two players have led the league in three-pointers made the last nine seasons – Steph Curry six times and James Harden thrice. Buddy Hield has been nipping at the heels of the two the last two seasons, with Dame Lillard finishing in third.

CSBS NBA Stat Leader Props

If Steph Curry is healthy, he is the best bet to do it again in 2021-22. Curry has made 9+ three-pointers in a game 36 times in his career. Nine or more three points in a game have happened only 185 times in the history of the league (regular season and playoffs). That is 19.5% of all games.

If Buddy Hield stays healthy for 80 games, and Curry misses time, he could lead the league. However, Curry had 55 more in nine fewer games last season. Bet on Curry to lead the league again in 2022.

Steph Curry Most Three Pointers

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