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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Betting Picks and Predictions

The exhibition fight of the year is nearly here, with two of the best boxers ever – Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. – lacing up the gloves on November 28, in Los Angeles, California.

According to the exhibition match rules made public this week, no winner will be declared. Most of the sportsbooks removed the betting lines from their websites and will return the money to the bettors' account.There might be some prop bets available.

Below you will find Tyson versus Jones Jr. betting odds and our prediction of who to bet will win between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Plus our take on Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson.  

Main Event: Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson Career Stats Roy Jones Jr Career Stats 
 Career Boxing Record 50-6-2  Career Boxing Record 66-9-0
 44 wins by knockout  47 Wins by knockout
First professional fight March 6, 1985   First career fight May 6, 1989
 Last professional fight June 11, 2005  Last career fight February 8, 201
 Started career 37-0  Started career 34-0

It may have taken a few months and a failed deal between Tyson and Evander Holyfield, but on July 23, it was announced that Tyson would fight Jones Jr. in an exhibition in California. The fight was initially scheduled for September 12 in Carson, California. The fight has since been rescheduled for November 28 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

To Win the Fight sports-interaction sports-interaction To Win the Fight

Mike Tyson

-241 +168 Roy Jones Jr.

There is a lot to digest before making a final prediction on this fight.

Time Since Last Fight

Mike Tyson is 54, and Roy Jones Jr. is 51, meaning their age difference is not a significant factor in this fight. On the other hand, the time away from boxing is something to consider. Tyson's last fight was technically in 2006. However, it was an exhibition match which boxing fans and critics viewed as a cash grab. Tyson also lost his last two professional boxing matches.

Jones Jr., last fight was in 2018 – a win against Scott Sigmon for the vacant WBU Cruiserweight Title. His fight before that was another win, this time for the vacant WBF Cruiserweight Title.

Edge: Roy Jones, Jr.    

Attitudes Going Into the Fight

For the last few months, Mike Tyson has been hyping up this fight and posting training videos on Instagram. Tyson, who is donating his earnings to charity, looks passionate and energized in the lead up to this fight.

Jones Jr. enters the fight, angry. Not angry over a hatred of Tyson, but the fight getting delayed. There are also murmurs of him trying to back out. However, sources close to Jones reports his father has encouraged him not to.

Edge: Mike Tyson

Skills from Prime vs. Now

This bout is the battle of Mike Tyson's power against Roy Jones Jr.'s reflexes. Tyson's power and the speed of his punch look as intimidating as ever at 54 years old. And these reactions are coming from his Instagram live video from back in May. How much better will he look after another six months of training?

Jones Jr.'s reflexes are part of what made one of the best, if not the best boxer of the 1990s. However, it is not the 1990s anymore, and Jones' athleticism and reflexes slipped in the latter years of his career. His training seems to be going well, but it is harder to gain back speed/athleticism later in life than it is power.

Edge: Mike Tyson

Final Prediction

Even though Tyson's been away from the ring much longer than Jones, he looks like he wants it more. His training is ferocious. His attitude is positive. His punch power is frightening. Jones has his work cut out for him, and we do not think he is cut out for the work.

Pick: Mike Tyson (-241) to win the fight

Best Prop Bet on Tyson v Jones Jr.

Although many online sportsbooks have not yet posted prop betting lines and odds, we can make some picks on options that will open closer to the event's start.

One of our favourite boxing betting props is if the fight will go the distance. This fight is only eight rounds, making it tempting to bet that it will go the distance. However, one pivotal piece of information makes us think it will not – the age of the boxers.

California State Athletic Commission has slightly different rules for this type of boxing match. The fighters must submit medical tests before the fight, and the referee is instructed to call the under specific instructions. Why are the special rules for this fight important? Well, if the fight no longer resembles an exhibition boxing match, the referee has the authority to stop the fight.

This extra element, along with 91 career knockouts between the two fighters, means we are betting on – once available – that the fight will not go the distance.

Pick: No, the fight will not go the distance

Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson

The biggest fight on the undercard features a YouTube star taking on a former NBA Slam Dunk Champion. Paul is the favourite in the fight, as he has more training and an actual professional boxing match in his career. Robinson played ten years in the NBA and is 13 years the senior of Paul.

Robinson has only six months of boxing training under his belt but is by far the most athletic opponent Paul has faced in his short boxing career. Robinson also played collegiate level football – meaning he can take and lay a hit better than you may think.

Overall, Paul's one professional fight, reach, and height advantages are trumped by Robinson's lifetime as an athlete and underdog value.

Pick: Nate Robinson (+140) to Win the Fight

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Tyson Fury vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Find the top Canadian online sportsbooks to bet on the year's biggest exhibition fight below. Bettors new to the site and signing up through the links underneath can receive an exclusive welcome bonus – which you can use to bet on Mike Tyson and Nate Robinson.    

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