Betting Guide To Men & Women's Curling At 2022 Olympics
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Betting Guide To Men & Women's Curling At 2022 Olympics

There's a litany of sports to bet on at the 2022 Olympics, however, curling offers one of the best opportunities — and that goes for the men's and women's bracket. This is your guide to betting on curling at the 2022 Olympics, including the latest odds and of course, our picks to win the gold medal. Read on for expert (and free) betting advice!

Men's Curling Betting Pick

The men's curling competition consists of 10 teams, meaning 10 different betting picks to choose from. However, in the eyes of Canada's most-used sportsbooks, there are really only three teams with serious gold-medal chances. On the cusp of the tourney, here are the current betting odds to win the tourney outright:

For our pick, we're stuck between two nations — Canada and Sweden. On one hand, you have the Canadians, who are the most decorated nation in this sport. Period. Of the seven gold medals ever awarded in men's curling, Canada has claimed a record three. Though, they went completely medal-less in the 2018 Games, which is either a fluke or a sign of their downfall, depending on your perspective.

On the other hand, you have a rising Swedes team. They took bronze in 2014 followed by 2018 and if they keep at this trajectory, a gold medal would be next. Sweden team leader, Nik Edin, has won just about everything in this sport except Olympic gold. Once again, depending on your perspective, you can make the case for Sweden being extra hungry to win in 2022 or just not "clutch" enough to win it all, hence its previous shortcomings. 

It's a tough pick, but if we can only make one bet, then we're putting it on Sweden. Winners of three straight world championships, we don't for one second believe the pressure will get to the Swedes. If anything, we sense they'll be as confident as ever in Beijing, catapulting them to gold. 

Women's Curling Betting Pick

The betting lines for the curling women's tournament aren't nearly as "top-heavy" as the men. That either makes getting a women's curling betting pick right even tougher, or it increases your payouts with the correct choice. Once again, it's a matter of perspective, but we fall into the latter group. 

The easy betting choice among the women would be Sweden. How Canada is perceived among in the men's side, Sweden is the same for women. The Swedes have three gold medals out of the six ever awarded and that success is the reason they're odds-on favourites in 2022.

However, we're going to "go against the grain" and pick Great Britain to take home gold instead. Its team leader, Eve Muirhead, is as good as they come in the women's game. An injury hampered her for an extended period post-2018 Olympics, but her health looks to be back to 100 percent (or very close to it). Muirhead appeared in dominant form at the recent European Championships and we're riding that momentum here again in Beijing. 

How To Watch Curling At The 2022 Olympics?

Curling at the Olympics runs non-stop between now and February 20. While we covered the men's and women's bracket above, there's also a mixed bracket — which is already underway. If you're located inside Canada and want to watch curling at the 2022 Olympics, then CBC is your best bet. That TV channel has the majority of the Olympic events, even beyond curling.

However, there are alternative ways to watch the Winter Games in Canada as well. One is via streaming. That can be done using one of two apps — CBC Gem or fuboTV. If you can wait, then TSN will air replays of Olympic events long after they've passed on its television station.    

Though, you'll want to mark your calendars for February 19 and 20. Those are the days when the gold-medal games in curling will be played — and when you'll find out if you cashed out your bet or not. The men's finale is on the 19th, whereas the women are the day after. 

How To Bet Curling At The 2022 Olympics?

Welp looks like you have everything you need to know about curling at the Olympics. All that's left? Actually placing a bet on Olympic curling — which can easily be done at one of the betting sites underneath. Every betting line you can think of revolving around curling will be bettable at these sites.

And one final note: let's say you need "extra" money to make curling picks. In this case, you should look into sportsbook bonus offers available at the below-betting sites. These deals could score you hundreds of dollars in free play upon depositing money into your playing account. That free play can then be disbursed as you wish on curling or any other Olympic event!