Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Betting Predictions
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Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Betting Predictions

Find the best bet to win - when Jake Paul and Tommy Fury ignite in the ring on December 18, 2021 – here!

Jake Paul is back in the ring on December 18 – this time to take on Love Island star (and professional boxer) Tommy Fury. This fight is the biggest test for both fighters in their young careers and a welcome change from Paul’s exhibition fights against former MMA stars (and other athletes). Find out which fighter is the better wager in our Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury betting predictions.

Jake Paul Opens as an Underdog for the First Time in Fight Against Tommy Fury

Find the fight and fighter details below before our predictions on Paul vs. Fury and the best undercard bouts.

Jake Paul Boxing Stats

  • Record: 4-0
  • Three wins by KO/TKO
  • Height: 6’ 1”
  • Reach: 76 inches
  • Last fight: Win by split decision against Tyron Woodley (August 29, 2021)

Tommy Fury Boxing Stats

  • Record: 7-0
  • Four wins by KO/TKO
  • Height: 6’ 0”
  • Reach: 76 inches
  • Last fight: Win by unanimous decision against Anthony Taylor (August 29, 2021)

Fight Details

  • Date: December 18, 2021
  • Location: Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Total Rounds: Eight three-minute rounds 

Best Bet to Win Fight – Take Paul as the Underdog

To Win the FightBet99Bet99To Win the Fight
Jake Paul2.281.55Tommy Fury

For the first time in Paul’s career, he is an underdog and fighting a legitimate boxer. Does that mean we should back off betting on him to win the fight? No, as this is the best Canadian sportsbook betting lines on Paul in his career.

While Fury may classify as a professional boxer, his fight resume is underwhelming. The combined record of the seven fighters Fury has faced (entering the fight) is 14-175-5. It is hard to get excited when the collective win percentage of your opponents is 8.5%.

Fury’s last opponent – Jordan Grant – stated once the fight between Paul and Fury was announced that Fury does not have the power to knock out Paul. Fury has also never fought an eight-round fight in his career. If he cannot knock out Paul early, does he have the stamina to make it to the end? Who knows?

Paul vs fury odds and picks

Fury’s brother – World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury – is trying to get into the mind of Paul before the fight. But as there is a lot of chatter going back and forth between both parties leading up to the fight, it should not matter.

Lastly, Paul showed toughness in his last fight. In our Tyron Woodley versus Jake Paul betting preview, we did not think Woodley had as much power as he did. Yet Woodley laid some clean blows on Paul, which he took well and continued fighting. It was the kind of positives from Paul in the ring that has us believing he can turn into a successful pro boxer. Bet on Paul to win.

Jake Paul To Win the Fight

Best Bets on the Undercard

The undercard at Fury vs. Paul features a couple of good fights including one with two former pro-athletes and another with a current boxing champion.

Former NFL Star Frank Gore takes on Former NBA Star Deron Williams

To Win the FightBet99Bet99To Win the Fight
Frank Gore2.101.69Deron Williams

When they first announced this fight, it almost seemed like a joke or at least too good to be true. But it was not a joke – and I think I can speak for most people this is the most fun fight on the undercard. Frank Gore – the NFL’s third all-time leading rusher – takes three-time NBA All-Star Deron Williams. So, who wins the NFL player or the NBA player?

Williams opens as the favourite in the fight as he has the height and reaches advantage. Williams measures six inches taller than Gore, with a presumed advantage in reach (Williams’ wingspan is 78”, Gore’s numbers are currently unavailable).

Deron Williams vs Frank Gore betting preview

Where you think the advantage goes to Gore is toughest. Playing running back for an NFL record 241 games means you are used to taking hits and punishment. However, Williams is more than a basketball. Williams won multiple state championships as a wrestler in the 90s. He has invested and trained in MMA since he retired from basketball four years ago.

Gore’s taken up boxing seriously since retiring from the NFL. Gore retired from the NFL at the end of the 2020 Season. That is less than a year from retirement to this fight. Go with Williams to win the four-round exhibition match.

Deron Williams To Win the Fight

Female Featherweight Champ Amanda Serrano Massive Favourite in Undercard Bout

To Win the FightBet99Bet99To Win the Fight
Amanda Serrano1.0412.00Miriam Gutierrez

Amanda Serrano – holder of the WBC, WBO, and IBO Female Featherweight titles – returns to the Jake Paul undercard to take on Miriam Gutierrez. In her last fight – at Woodley vs. Paul in August – Serrano cruised to victory, winning all ten rounds against challenger Yamileth Mercado.

Serrano is returning to lightweight to fight Gutierrez. It is her first fight in the division since 2014. Of course, changing weight divisions is nothing new for Serrano. Serrano is the only woman in history to at some point hold a title in seven different weight divisions.

While Gutierrez is a talented fighter, this fight is a tune-up for Serrano. Her focus is on the Lightweight Champion Katie Taylor in 2022. Parlay Serrano to win with other bets to get some extra juice.   

Amanda Serrano To Win the Fight

Best Online Sportsbooks to Bet on Paul vs. Fury

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