Updated F1 World Championship Betting Predictions
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Updated F1 World Championship Betting Predictions

With the drivers off for August break, it is an excellent time to revisit the 2021 F1 season and make some updated predictions on the 2021 F1 World Championship.

Max Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes vs. Red Bull. At the midpoint of the 2021 F1 season, those are the two stories dominating the headlines. And the two stories we focus on in our updated F1 World Championship betting predictions.

2021 World Championship Betting Predictions – August 2021 Update

To Win the 2021 F1 Drivers Championship
Lewis Hamilton1.72
Max Verstappen2.00
Sergio Perez201.00
Valtteri Bottas201.00

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Who Will Win the 2021 F1 Drivers Championship – Verstappen or Hamilton

It only took one crash and a loss at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix – which was a wild race that turned out much different than anyone expected– but Max Verstappen has fallen from the top of the podium to second behind Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton leads after picking up 18 points in Hungary, compared to only two from Verstappen – 195 to 187 with 11 races left (potentially 12 if they schedule a replacement for the Australian Grand Prix in November). Lando Norris is in third place on the standings (with 113 points and no wins this season).

f1 mercedez odds

The betting lines have this as a two-horse race – as they did when we revisited F1 futures in our 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix predictions. Two weeks ago, we liked Max Verstappen to win the 2021 F1 Championship – even if we thought Lewis Hamilton would win in Hungary and close the gap. And even after two bad races for Verstappen, we still like him to end the season as the top driver on the circuit.  

Verstappen’s luck is what has caused him to drop out of first – not necessarily superior driving from Hamilton. Damage to Verstappen’s car at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix cost him early – dropping him to 13th and finishing the race in ninth. Two points in two races and only down eight points proves how dominant he was through the first nine races (five wins and three seconds).

Remaining Schedule Favourable for Verstappen

On the schedule are some races where Max Verstappen has driven his best in his young career. He has two victories at the Mexico Grand Prix (2017 and 2018). He also has three podiums at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – including his first win there last year. He has back-to-back podiums at the USA Grand Prix (cancelled in 2020) and is the reigning champion at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix (previously the Brazilian Grand Prix).

The remaining stretch of races is good for Max Verstappen. While he may not win all of the races, we just mentioned, improving at least a few of the other remaining tracks is also possible to help him win. He has already shown that at the Russian Grand Prix – moving up from 10th (retired the year after) to fifth, fifth, fourth, and last year second.

Overall, expect the second half of the 2021 F1 season to be full of excitement and jockeying in the standings and go with Verstappen to finish the season as the 2021 F1 Drivers Champion.

Max Verstappen To Win the 2021 F1 Drivers Championship

2021 Constructor Championship Betting Predictions – August 2021 Update

To Win the F1 Constructors ChampionshipBetway
Red Bull2.00

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Better Bet Mercedes or Red Bull?

Going into the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, Mercedes holds a lead of 13 points over Red Bull. Red Bull has more wins than Mercedes (six vs. four), but Mercedes has the advantage in podiums with 14 compared to ten for Red Bull.

Breaking down the numbers more, the points for team Red Bull were more balanced before the disaster at the British Grand Prix and in Hungary. Sergio Perez – Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate – had finished in the top-six (eight points minimum) in eight of the first nine races (including a win at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix).

formula 1 redbull odds

Team Mercedes' Experience Key

Lewis Hamilton’s teammate – Valtteri Bottas (who has a four-point edge over Perez 108 to 104), has been all over the place this season. He has six podiums, three retires, a fourth and a 12th place finish.

Podiums are the key to winning the constructors – and Bottas ranks behind only Hamilton and Verstappen this year (who have eight each). Conversely, retiring or finishing outside the top-10 gives a team no points – and Bottas has retired from more races (three) than any other driver this season.

It is actually pretty impressive that Mercedes is winning right now despite the – feast or famine results from Bottas. It points towards – despite some grievances between the driver – they are a great team both technically and in terms of consistency.

Because Hamilton is old reliable (most podiums and points despite fewer wins) and Bottas is a better driver at consistently finishing in the top four than Perez, Team Mercedes is the better bet to win the 2021 Constructors Championship.

Team Mercedes To Win the 2021 F1 Constructors Championship

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