F1 Futures Betting Picks and Preview the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix
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F1 Futures Betting Picks and Preview the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

It is time to take a look at F1 futures as we pass ten races, while also previewing the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

We recently crossed the ten race point of the 2021 F1 Season, and everything we have seen so far is pointing towards a dramatic second half. Controversy marred the British Grand Prix while also allowing Lewis Hamilton and Team Mercedes to close the gap in the standings. With a week off, we can revisit F1 futures betting picks and preview the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

2021 F1 Drivers Championship Prediction: A Two Man Race Between Verstappen and Hamilton

To Win the Driver's ChampionshipSports Interaction
Max Verstappen1.83
Lewis Hamilton2.35

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Even without finishing the British Grand Prix and the next race – the Hungarian Grand Prix – a Lewis Hamilton staple, we still like Max Verstappen to win the 2021 F1 Championship.

Verstappen is the best driver on the circuit this season. His skills, the Red Bull car, and his teammate – Sergio Perez – have created the perfect environment for Verstappen to overtake Lewis Hamilton as the best driver in the world.

Verstappen still has plenty of chances to build on his lead – even with the zero points at the 2021 British Grand Prix and a considerable challenge by Hamilton at the upcoming Hungarian Grand Pix. Verstappen is mastering the best car on the circuit – and without accidents derailing him, he looks better than Hamilton has in ten races.

It should still be interesting down the stretch, with Hamilton chasing history. But the pressure is on Hamilton over Verstappen – and the team at Mercedes may try and do too much to get Hamilton one last championship before rule changes come into effect in 2022. Go with Max to win the 2021 F1 Championship.

Max Verstappen To Win the 2021 Driver’s Championship
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2021 Constructor Betting Picks: The Gap Closes After the British Grand Prix

To Win the 2021 Constructor Championship
Red Bull1.44

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Like the race for the 2021 Driver's Championship, the quest for the 2021 Constructor winner is tightening as well. However, the F1 betting odds are more in the favour of Team Red Bull – thanks to the teamwork of Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez. Perez has been one of the best teammates on the circuit this year – unselfishly doing what is needed for Red Bull and Verstappen to win the race.

The Mercedes team – at times – looks like it is about to combust. The 2021 French Grand Prix saw Mercedes driver – Valtteri Bottas – furious with the crew after they failed to recognize the need for two tire changes earlier in the race.

Bottas is also more of a glory-seeker than Perez. That will not help Team Mercedes make up the ground in the standings – even if they remain one of the top racing duos of all time. Go with Red Bull to trump Mercedes at the best constructor of the 2021 F1 season.

Team Red Bull To Win the 2021 Constructor Championship
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2021 Hungarian Grand Prix Betting Preview: Lewis at his Best Mogyorod

To Win the Hungarian Grand PrixBetway
Max Verstappen1.83
Lewis Hamilton2.37
Sergio Perez15.00
Valtteri Bottas15.00
Charles Leclerc21.00
Lando Norris34.00

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Eight wins. That is how many times Lewis Hamilton has won the Hungarian Grand Prix (tying the most wins at one event in his career and the most victories by any driver at one event in the sport's history). The multiple-time world champion – which we originally predicted to win the 2021 F1 Championship – is at his best at Hungaroring.

Leiw Hamilton beat Max Verstappen by a scant margin of 8.7 seconds in 2020 (which is nothing compared to his 0.715-second win in 2007). Hamilton should expect another challenge from Verstappen – who says he will be 100% healthy for the race (and we expect 100% mad).

But the course is not one Lewis Hamilton loses at often, and with Team Red Bull's emotions riding high, this is a good chance for the reigning World Champion to pick up a win.

Lewis Hamilton To Win the Hungarian Gran Prix

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