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2019 Canadian Election Betting Odds

2019 Canadian Election Betting Odds
As Canadians prepare for one of the closest elections in recent memory, online sportsbooks are offering Canadians the chance to wager on who will be the next Premier Minister of Canada. Incumbent Justin Trudeau faces stiff competition from Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. Both candidates have survived their share of controversies leading up to the election. Scheer has a slight edge on sportsbooks to win, but any slip up in the next week could cost him his scant lead.

Below are the Canadian Election betting odds for each candidate to become the next Premier Minister of Canada.

  • Andrew Scheer – Conservative (-110)
  • Justin Trudeau – Liberal (+120)
  • Jagmeet Singh – New Democratic Party – (+1200)
  • Elizabeth May – Green Party (+3300)
  • Maxime Bernier – People's Party of Canada – (+3300)

Canadian Election Winner Prediction

As the Canadian Federal Election odds above show everyone, futures betting lines on who will win the election show the Conservatives and Liberals as the two favourites.

The build-up to this election has certainly been an interesting one, with both Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer dealing with previous photos and statements causing controversies.

However, whether it is through a distaste or distrust with other parties, both have remained the top two options throughout the race.

Both parties offer Canadians with different platforms. The question to focus on to determine who will win the election is what issues hit home the hardest.

The Conservatives approach to economics, jobs and savings will always draw in staunch Conservatives voters. However, their view on the environment and climate change may sway some more central voters to other options.

The Liberals, who have more reform in their message on the environment, may grab some of the Conservatives more concerned with the environment.

However, the Liberals may lose some votes due to some broken promises (electoral reform being a big one) from their 2015 campaign.

So who will win?

Well, of the other three parties in this election, both the Green and NDP have more power to steal votes from the Liberals. The PPC may sway some Conservatives, but most view their views as too extreme.

This leads us, and many, to the conclusion, the Conservatives will win a minority government. The Conservatives have picked up numbers in Atlantic Canada to go with strong numbers in the Prairies and Alberta.

They may struggle in Ontario, where Doug Ford’s Provincial Conservative government is alienating Conservative voters.

Here the Liberals can pick up seats to keep the race close, but likely not enough (barring some more news breaking before the election) to win the 2019 Canadian Federal Election.

Pick: Andrew Scheer (-110) to Win the 2019 Canadian Election

Underdogs Not Worth the Money

While the Canadian political system is known for having multiple parties in the country, it is nearly unimaginable for anyone but Liberals or Conservatives to win this election. The NDP is still recovering from a disastrous showing in 2015.

The NDP won 103 seats in 2011 and, for the first time, looked like they could challenge the Liberals and Conservatives.

However, after their leader Jack Layton passed away, the party’s replacement leader Thomas Mulcair failed to build off the party’s strong showing in 2015.

While their current leader Jagmeet Singh has reasonable Canadian Election odds, he has not connected in enough provinces to do more than steal some seats.

The other two parties, Green and PPC, are viewed too far left and right to attract enough voters. At most, these parties could win a few seats and have some influence in a minority government. Otherwise, they are not worth betting to win.

Where to Bet on the 2019 Canadian Federal Election? 

Now that you know you can bet on Canadian Election check out our top-rated partners for the best Canadian Election betting odds. Many of these online sportsbooks also offer odds on the upcoming American Election and politics in the European Union.

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