UFC Blachowicz vs Rakic Preview and Best Bet
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UFC Blachowicz vs Rakic Preview and Best Bet

The long-awaited fight between Blachowicz and Rakic will take place at the UFC Apex in Enterprise, Nevada.

On May 14, 2022, Blachowicz vs. Rakic will meet at the UFC Apex facility in Enterprise, Nevada.

The event will be headlined by a light heavyweight match between former KSW and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jan Blachowicz and Aleksandar Rakic.

They were supposed to fight in UFC on ESPN during Blaydes vs. Daukaus, however, Blachowicz was pulled out due to an injury, and the fight was called off.

There will be multiple other fights on the 14th. Viviane Araujo and Andrea Lee compete in a top-10 showdown in the women's flyweight class, while Nick Maximov and Andre Petroski clash in the middleweight division. Ryan Spann and Ion Cutelaba, both light heavyweights, fight with the hopes of securing a top-10 matchup with a strong performance.

Blacowicz and Rakic will headline the night, which is what we will preview below.

Blachowicz vs Rakic Preview

Below, we will take a look at both fighters and determine who we should put money on.

Both fighters are going to be coming in at -1.1, which is better known as a "pick 'em". However, bettors could decide to take some prop bets like Rakic winning in X amount of rounds.

With Blachowicz's injury, which we'll go through below, it might be a good option to go with Rakic. Despite his injuries, Blachowicz is one of the top fighters in the world and has a legitimate chance of winning this bout.

If his injury wasn't a factor, he might have been the obvious favourite in this race.

Jan Blachowicz

Blachowicz's straight punching from a distance is a tremendous benefit in terms of putting opponents on the defensive. Blachowicz also employs his kicking game and knees in the clinch to his advantage, but his distance fighting skills allow him to damage opponents on the feet while avoiding risky counters.

He has an above-average takedown game and solid transitions to side control on the ground. He occasionally moves north-south, but most of his damage comes from side control or a transition to the submit once his opponent scrambles. When you add in his Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt, he's considered one of the more well-rounded competitors in the weight class.

Blachowicz is a master at reversing takedowns and dominating positions on defence. His most effective technique is to grab his opponent's arm and threaten with a kimura while in full or even half guard. Blachowicz's strength allows him to tighten the submission enough to cause his opponent to either roll out or rise from the guard, allowing him to flip the position using his own strength. He employs the method frequently, and it's shocking to see it work so well when it's clear he'll use it in his defence. Blachowicz's grip strength and technical know-how are testaments to his continued success with it.

Blachowicz has recently reported some discomfort in his arm, as he reportedly loses feeling in his arm due to three hernias in his neck.

“I wake up on one of the Mondays, and I feel a pain in my neck. I think maybe I just slept bad, and that’s why I felt the pain. In the gym, we did some drills, and I took one shot on my guard, and I felt a really hard pain in my neck, and I cannot feel my left hand and left side of my body.

“It was completely off, paralyzed. Then I think, it’s not normal pain. It’s something worse. I go to the doctor, we do an MRI and I have something in my neck that puts pressure on the nerve. That’s why I had this feeling that I could not feel my left side.”

Aleksandar Rakic

To gain distance and scare his opponents, Rakic employs a combination of feints and low kicks. When you punch as forcefully as Rakic, it's natural to draw backward in response to his feint. Rakic's reaction sets the tone for the rest of the game, and his standard follow-up is to rip the lead leg.

Rakic frequently feints and then throws his right hand, but he can do so in a variety of ways. He enjoys feinting a level change and then exploding into an uppercut. That uppercut can be followed by a hook or hook-cross, which can often result in his opponent being knocked out.

At the age of 30, Rakic is already a top-ranked boxer in the Light Heavyweight division. There are still certain things he needs to work on if he wants to win this bout, but his preparation should have given him a better idea of what he needs to do.

Best Bet For Rakic vs Blachowicz

Rakic is the safe bet to win this fight because Blachowicz will be competing with a slight injury. Rakic has consistently proved that he can beat anybody in the world, and that will not change in this contest if he is on his game and Blachowicz is still struggling with arm and neck ailments.

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