Can Liverpool Catch Man City? Updated 2022 EPL Futures Pick
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Can Liverpool Catch Man City? Updated 2022 EPL Futures Pick

A few weeks ago, Man City was running away with the 2021/22 English Premier League title. Today? They'll have to fend off surging Liverpool in the season's final one-third to keep possession of the title. Read this for an updated 2022 EPL futures pick between City and Liverpool. We have free betting advice for you to finish the season on a high note!

Before we go any further, make no mistake about it, the title race is really down to City or Liverpool and that's it. City is presently atop the table with 63 points, while Liverpool is at 56. The next-best team? Chelsea at 50 points followed by Manchester United at 46 — clubs that are 13 and 17 points, respectively, away from first-place. The same disparity exists in the current betting lines to win the league title. Here's how the odds shake out:

2022 EPL Title Futures Pick

Since there are only two reasonable betting options for 2022 EPL title pick, let's present the "case" for each side. Perhaps this can help enlighten us on which of the two clubs is the better wagering choice as things stand. Let's begin with the team in the driver's seat: 

The Case For Sticking With Man City

Saturday provided the standing shakeup this EPL season desperately needed. Two results caused that shakeup — first Man City lost 3-2 in heartbreaking fashion to Tottenham, then Liverpool come back to defeat Norwich City 3-1. It took an injury-time goal by Tottenham's Harry Kane (who was rumored all summer to join City) to hand City only its third loss in 26 league games this season.

However, it's not panic time for City quite yet. You saw above the betting lines set by Canada's best sportsbooks, City is still the overwhelming favorite to win the league with only 12 fixtures remaining before the season wraps up. In particular, one of those games will play a crucial factor in realizing that — a home game vs. Liverpool on April 9.

It's the second league matchup between both sides. The first on October 3 ended in a 2-2 draw. In that game, City staged not one, but two comebacks after being down a goal to secure the point on the road. Since 2019, Liverpool has struggled to beat City on the pitch. Across seven games in that span, Liverpool has only one win (in November 2019). Make no mistake about it, Liverpool will likely need three points from City come April 9 if it wants to win the EPL championship. 

That must-win situation that Liverpool is likely facing should be a vote of confidence for City bettors, who will be just fine with another draw result. Here's another obvious but true vote of confidence for betting City: they've won this league three of the past four times. This team flat-out knows how to win, in both league and against Liverpool directly, which makes City a "safe" bet despite recent events.

The Case For Jumping Ship To Liverpool

Liverpool is surging. They haven't lost a game since the calendar turned to 2022, but as we said before, barring a complete City collapse, Liverpool needs a winning result when the two teams do meet come April. But here's another thing that could help Liverpool pull off the title upset — getting the services back of Diogo Jota sooner rather than later. 

Jota is currently second in the EPL with 12 goals — behind teammate Mo Salah, who has netted 17 scores. An ankle injury sustained in last week's Champions League affair with Inter Milan has kept Jota away from the pitch. The hope for Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is Jota returns by the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea, but nothing is official. 

Beyond what happens on the pitch, here's another factor that should influence your betting choice — the current odds. Let's be honest, there's little money to be made by wagering on City with its current 1.22 price (unless you have a massive bankroll). But for the everyday bettor, you're much better off finding "value" and right now, that's Liverpool at 4.25.

Liverpool is red-hot right now. It's not that the team just isn't losing, but it's also not tying either. Nine of its last 10 matches have been outright wins for The Reds. Realistically, they must win most of the remaining matchups, especially on April 9, if it's to knock off City for first place. Tough but doable for a side as talented as Liverpool. Based on its current hot streak and betting value, we believe Liverpool is the better bet right now.    

How To Bet On EPL Futures?

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