2022 NHL All-Star Game Betting Advice
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2022 NHL All-Star Game Betting Advice

The best and brightest the NHL has to offer descend onto Las Vegas for All-Star weekend on February 5. If you’re looking for expert NHL All-Star Game betting advice, then you need to keep reading. We have free picks to make right here! 

2022 NHL All-Star Game Preview

Unfortunately, top Canada sportsbooks have yet to release betting odds for the All-Star matchups. But we know enough about who’s playing to preview the 2022 NHL All-Star games, which is what we’re doing here. As has become the norm, the weekend will feature three matchups (contested in 3-on-3 format) between the four divisions in an elimination-style tourney. Each team is made up of nine skaters and two goalies.

All-Stars were selected in mid-January by the writers and editors of NHL’s own site. Amongst the 44 players selected to the game, 20 of those choices will be making their All-Star debut (more on why this matters later on). However, fans voted on the captains for each divisional team. The votes crowned the followed players as captains:

  • Metropolitan Division — Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin
  • Atlantic Division — Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews
  • Central Division — Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon
  • Pacific Division — Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid

While there are certainly studs that were “snubbed” from the team, that means little to us from a betting perspective. We’re solely concerned with the players that will be in Las Vegas. Big names like Leon Draisaitl, Victor Hedman, Auston Mathews, amongst others will be partaking. Among teams, the Avalanche and Lightning tied for most players chosen in the game with three apiece.

Beyond the actual games, the weekend also features skills competitions. Those will go down on February 4. The usual events — Fastest Skater, Breakaway Challenge, Hardest Shot, Shootout, etc. — will be back in the mix. Expect bookies to release special betting lines for those as the date draws closer.

NHL All-Star Game Betting Picks

The league went away from its Eastern vs. Western Conference format in 2016 in favour of this four-division style. The first bracket of games, though, is still within conferences. So in the East, Metropolitan faces off against the Atlantic. While the Pacific and Central square off in the West. The winners of each then duel in the championship finale. Alright, now let’s jump into our NHL All-Star game betting picks:

Metropolitan vs. Atlantic

History-wise, the Atlantic has a 3-2 advantage over the Metropolitan in this opening game. We sense that edge continues in 2022 cause we’re betting Atlantic to advance.

Here’s why: the Atlantic roster is the “most balanced” of the four divisions. Eight of its 11 players are multi-year All-Star selections (the next-most is six by Atlantic and Pacific). The Atlantic is also a perfect mix of “top-heavy” (with the likes of Steven Stamkos and Andrei Vasilevskiy), but also a dose of freshness (first-time selections like Nick Suzuki and Jack Campbell). This well-rounded team evokes plenty of betting confidence from us.

Pacific vs. Central

Remember earlier when we said 20 of the 44 (45 percent) All-Stars are newbies? Welp, eight of the 20 first-timers (40 percent) will suit up for Central. That includes the likes of Cale Makar, Nazem Kadei, Kirill Kaprizov, amongst others. But here’s the thing: the Central’s inexperience is actually a big positive here.

You see, once you’ve made an All-Star game or two, the allure of it rubs off. In other words, “been there, done that” becomes a natural mentality. And this doesn’t just apply to hockey players, the same goes for football or basketball. Complacency like this generally isn’t good when betting on teams or players.

But with the Central’s heavy dose of first-timers, no such complacency will exist. We expect Central to be the most energized division of the four — and energy matters in the All-Star game. We’re riding that energy to the bank because they’re our go-to pick, not only against the Pacific but in the finale versus Atlantic too.

How To Bet On NHL All-Star game?

As we said above, Canadian betting sites have been slow to release All-Star betting lines. However, that should change very soon. Once it does, you’ll want to place bets on the NHL All-Star Game at the bookies below. On top of bets, these sites also offer killer sportsbook bonuses that pay out hundreds of dollars in free play.

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