2022 Olympics: Betting Picks To Win Women’s Ice Hockey Gold
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2022 Olympics: Betting Picks To Win Women’s Ice Hockey Gold

Hockey and the Winter Olympics are synonymous with one another. Therefore, you almost HAVE to make betting picks for the women’s hockey side of the 2022 Olympics. If you need expert betting advice on doing just that, then keep reading! 

Besides the men's bracket, the women’s hockey competition might be one of the most bet-on Olympic competitions at the best Canada sportsbooks. As it stands, here’s how the betting odds are shaking out. The following countries have the best odds at winning gold in Beijing per oddsmakers:

We should note, the above betting lines won't stay exactly like this. The prices above are current as of February 7, but we're in the middle of the group stage right now. With every win or loss, the odds will fluctuate. Therefore, if you want to lock in the prices listed above, then you’ll want to do that quickly — as in right after you read our betting advice below!

2022 Olympics: Women's Hockey Betting Pick

We'll get to our women's hockey betting picks soon, but first, let's break down how an Olympic gold medal will even be won in this competition to start with. Ten teams are duking it out — not 12 like the men's bracket. The teams are split into two groups (A and B). Each team inside a group competes in a red-robin stage. 

All five teams in Group A will advance to the knockout stage, while only the top-three in Group B advance on. So more than anything, group play is about seeding/positioning in the knockout round, which is a classic win-or-go-home tournament until the champion is decided in the end. Simple enough, right? Alright, let's jump into our betting pick:

USA or Canada?

Let's cut right to the chase: one of these two countries is going to win gold. You saw the betting lines to win above, both nations are almost equalled among oddsmakers. Moreover, neither is plus-money right now. Therefore, it suits you to bet on ONLY one to win. Why? Because if you were to bet on both at these prices, you would actually lose money even if one wins. That's a big no-no.

So as a bettor, you really have to pick your side between the co-favourites. No country outside of the two has ever won gold. Canada leads the way with four golds, while the US is at two. However, in 2018, the USA did top Canada in the finals, winning in a thrilling shootout. 

The group stage is already underway and to no one's surprise, both the US and Canada are cruising at the moment. They are 3-0 apiece and on a collision course to meet in the finals for what would be the fourth time in a row if it happens. 

This bet is a complete toss-up but we're favouring Canada just ever slightly. Why? Well, because they're in the US' head. At the 2021 IIHF World Championships, the Canadians outlasted Team USA in overtime to win gold there. But even before that, Canada won again, this time in 5-1 convincing fashion, during the preliminary round.

That extra dose of confidence for Canada is a small advantage, but it could be the eventual difference-maker. When two teams are as evenly-matched as they are, you have to dig for any sort of advantage. In this case, that might be it. Take Canada to win gold here! 

How To Watch Women's Hockey At 2022 Olympics?

The gold medal game isn't until February 17. But from now and until then, there's a multitude of women's hockey games at the 2022 Olympics to watch on TV. The network that will be carrying the games will be CBC or CBS News Network. That last sentence goes for Canadians only.

If you want to stream instead, then you'll need either the fuboTV or CBS Gem apps. One of the two will work. Streaming allows you to watch when you want — which is convenient due to the broadcasts being all over the place (you can thank China's time zone for that). 

Last but not least, game replays will run on the TSN channel. By then, the matchups will be days old, but hey, it's one more option to keep up with all the Olympic action whether it's women's hockey or another sport. 

How To Bet On Women's Hockey At 2022 Olympics?

Alright, we covered a lot just now. But none of this means diddly squat if you don't actually bet on women's hockey at the Olympics. Whether you're taking our Canada advice or not, you can "put your money where your mouth is" by wagering at one of the betting sites underneath.

But that's not all because these sites also offer sportsbook bonuses for big money. Money can be earned after creating an account (sign-up bonus) or reloading your player account (reload bonus). Either way, you earn free play that can be used to make bets. Check out the table below for details on what bonuses are currently available!