Betting Advice For 2022 Curling Women’s World Championship
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Betting Advice For 2022 Curling Women’s World Championship

Fresh off a wild — and we mean wild — women’s curling competition at the 2022 Olympic Games, we’re back for another championship tourney. Only this time it’s for the World Championship. The international event runs from March 19 to 27 in Prince George, Canada. For free and expert betting advice on the 2022 Curling Women’s World Championship, you’ll want to read this right away. We’re telling you who you should and should not bet on to win gold at the competition. 

At the moment, Canada’s best sportsbooks have yet to release betting odds for the World Championship. We expect that to change as the tournament nears. Regardless, expect the typical powerhouse countries to be favoured to win gold in Prince George, such as the teams below:

CountryBet99Sports Interaction
Great BritainTBDTBD

2022 Women’s Curling World Championship Preview

Any 2022 Women's Curling World Championship preview should begin with an explanation about how the tournament even works in the first place. It’s very similar to the Olympic Games, only bigger. The World Championship features 13 competing countries, as opposed to the 10 in the Winter Olympics. Moreover, six teams will reach the playoffs in the World Championship — two more than the Olympic competition.

To reach the single-elimination postseason, teams must survive a round-robin stage. In this round, every single team plays against each other one time for a total of 12 games played for every nation. The two teams that finish with the most points guarantee themselves a first-round bye in the playoffs. Teams seeded three through six play one another in the first round with the two winners advancing to play the top two seeds.

Eight of the 10 teams that participated in the Olympics will also be featured here. The two missing nations are China and ROC. The latter was barely banned from participating in World Curling Federation-sponsored events due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. Though neither's absence does much to shake up the title picture given China and ROC combined for a 5-13 record at the Olympics. Non-Olympic-playing countries that will be at the World Championship include Germany, Norway, Scotland, and Turkey.

The Women’s Curling World Championship is a yearly event, though, it was completely cancelled in 2020 due to the global pandemic. The last two times this tourney was held ended in the same result — Switzerland capturing the gold medal. The 2019 and 2021 titles gave the Swiss eight total golds, which is tied for second-most with Sweden. Canada leads the entire field with a whopping 17 golds, the last one coming in 2018.

2022 Women’s Curling World Championship Strategy

It’s not enough to just merely know who you’re betting on to win. Sometimes, it pays just as much to know who you’re NOT betting on. That’s the approach we wanted to take with our 2022 Women’s Curling World Championship betting strategy. Below you’ll find our do’s and donts when it comes to betting lines to win in Prince George.

Don’t Bet Great Britain

At first glance, the above headline might seem off the mark. After all, Great Britain did just win an Olympic gold medal in Beijing — in almost magical fashion, no less. Behind Eve Muirhead, the British barely squeezed into the playoffs as the final seed (winning a tiebreaker over Canada). Then in the postseason, they beat Sweden in a 12-11 thriller before taking out Japan by seven points in the gold medal game.

But here’s the thing: that same gold medal team will not be taking the ice in Prince George. In a controversial move, the British curling governing body recently elected to send Team Morrison instead of Team Muirhead to the upcoming championships. The shocking move robbed Muirhead of the chance of completing the international full set of European, Olympics, and World titles.

No disrespect to the new team consisting of Rebecca Morrison, Gina Aitken, Sophie Sinclair, Sophie Jackson, and Fay Henderson. They’re good — as shown in their recent win at the Scottish Championships — but they’re not at the level of Muirhead and company. Not yet at least. Bettors, don’t blindly bet on Great Britain just because they were victorious in Beijing. None of that matters with a brand-new team playing.

Do Bet Canada

Here’s another bet that shouldn’t be influenced by what went down in Beijing. And for Canada, that was pure disappointment. As mentioned before, a tiebreaker with Britain (and Japan) forced them out of the Olympic playoff stage just barely. Early exits have not been all that common for the country given their aforementioned dominance in the sport.

But out of disappointment, sometimes, comes a “rebalancing” of sorts. In Canada’s case, that’s more like a re-awakening of a sleeping giant. We sense the Canadians will be more focused this time around — especially since the tourney is in their backyard. It’s not a “homer” pick, but we legit believe it’s Canada’s gold medal to lose at the World Championships.

Canada to win 2022 Women's Curling World Championship

How To Bet & Watch 2022 Curling World Championship

You can take our betting advice above or fade it — we won’t be offended either way. But if you want to bet on the 2022 Women's Curling World Championship, you can do so easily at one of the underneath Canadian betting sites. These bookies have every curling sports bet you can think of, whether it’s this event or another down the line.

And once you have action on the games, you can also watch the 2022 world championship on TSN, for those that call Canada home. TSN will air every single Canada matchup, plus the playoff games. Viewing times vary by day, but it’s generally evening games.