Three 2022 EPL Futures Bets To Make Right Now
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Three 2022 EPL Futures Bets To Make Right Now

Despite being deep into the 2021/22 English Premier League season, futures betting opportunities remain scattered throughout. We've hand-picked the three best 2022 EPL futures bets to make right now — yes, at this very moment! Read on for expert betting advice!

Pick To Win EPL In 2022 WITHOUT Manchester City

Not unlike last season, Man City is once again running away with the Premier League title. As of this writing, they've collected 57 points — putting them nine ahead of the runner-ups in the league table. Because of this massive lead (and only two league losses this year), Man City is 1.13 to win the league. There's very little betting value in that, however, there's a bet on who will win EPL in 2022 after Man City — and this one pays out a lot better. At the best Canada sportsbooks, these teams are favoured the most in this wager:

The bet to make here is either Liverpool or Chelsea. The two are neck-and-neck for second place right now, with Liverpool holding a slim one-point lead over Chelsea 48-47. Sitting way back in fourth is Manchester United at 38 points. So like we said, it's a bet on one or the other.

We're taking Chelsea purely from a betting value perspective. Getting them at a 3.75 betting line is almost a steal given their current standing, whereas Liverpool lacks that same value at 1.29. These two clubs are almost equalled on the pitch — which was the case when they met twice this season, both matches ending in draws — which is why we're not sure why the odds are so wildly different. But hey, that just means more value for us when we wager Chelsea, the reigning Champions League winners. 

Pick To Finish Top-Four EPL Standings in 2022

You see the soccer futures betting lines above, three clubs — Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea — are virtual locks to place top-four in the table. There's little money to be made betting on them given their steep odds, however, there's enormous cash on the table for bettors that can pick the other team to finish top-four in the EPL standings for 2022.

In fourth place at the moment is Man United with 38 points. They're followed closely by West Ham (37 points), Arsenal (36), and Tottenham (also 36). No team outside of the "Big Six" clubs has placed in the top four since Leicester City won the whole thing in that miraculous 2015-16 run, which explains why West Ham has such long odds despite being in the thick of the race.

This is a tough choice, but we're riding with Arsenal, and it's 3.50 betting price. After early-season scares (a 5-0 drubbing at the hands of Man City), the Gunners have over-delivered this season. We've seen that big jump in play when they played City again at the start of January — a heartbreaking 2-1 loss in which Arsenal played a man down most of the second half. We like Arsenal's improvement and think it continues into the final stretch of the season, giving them a fourth-place spot in the process. 

Pick To Have Most EPL Goals Scored In 2022

We've mentioned betting value in this article before and we're sticking to the script here. But unlike our two previous bets, we're actually going with the odds-on favourite, Salah, to have most EPL goals scored in the 2022 season. In fact, we're surprised he's not a bigger betting favourite right now.

That's because he holds a massive lead in the goal leaderboard right now. The Liverpool winger has 16 goals on the season — six more than the next-best player, his teammate Jota. That's a 60-percent difference between one and two. Compare that to Man City, which has a 16-percent point lead over second place, yet they're 1.13 to win the league. To us, that makes Salah's 1.29 line a complete steal. 

Of course, that's not the perfect comparison since one fluke injury to Salah would derail his betting chances and Man City would need multiple injuries to different players to have the same effect. The injury risk is always there for any player, but the good thing is Salah has a history of staying healthy. That, combined with this scoring pace (which is on track to be the second-best of his EPL career), makes Salah a very worthy bet here!

How To Bet On EPL Futures?

The EPL season runs until May, but we suggest placing bets on EPL futures soon because lines change fast based on match results. If you want to lock in the prices we mentioned above, now is the time to do it. To do just that, look into one of the Canadian betting sites underneath. While you're there, be sure to glance at the sportsbook bonuses for free play each offer too. Hundreds of dollars in free play can be made from these bonuses so don't pass them up!