Betting Pick To Win 2022 NBA Coach of the Year
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Betting Pick To Win 2022 NBA Coach of the Year

We’re amid the All-Star break currently and this is typically a time of “looking ahead” — to what the NBA Finals matchup might be or who’s winning what awards. When it comes to the latter, one of the fiercest battles doesn’t even involve players, it’s between coaches. That’s why we wanted to make our own betting pick to win 2022 NBA Coach of the Year in this article.

There are about 20 games left in the regular season and two head coaches have separated themselves from the betting pack — Monty Williams (Phoenix) and J.B. Bickerstaff (Cleveland). Barring epic collapses from both, one of the two will likely win the award at year’s end. Before we give you advice on who to wager with, let’s take a gander at the current betting odds at popular Canada sportsbooks.

Best Bet To Win NBA Coach of the Year

Like we said before, the regular season is down to its last 20 games or so. This last stretch of the season will have major implications on who ends up winning the award. For better or worse, human voters value recent events more than, say, what happened in November. We say this now because our bet to win Coach of the Year hinges on this. Allow us to explain:

Paul’s Injury Hurts Williams’ Chances

If we were writing this article a week ago, Williams would be our consensus betting pick to claim the award. He’s led the Suns to the NBA’s best record at 48-10, which is six games better than the next-best team. That’s coming off an NBA Finals loss too when teams tend to have a “hangover effect.” But no such thing has happened to Phoenix, who have the second-best betting odds to win the Finals at most bookmakers.

But a lot can change in a week, including an injury to the player that makes the Suns go. Of course, we’re talking about Chris Paul. Right before the All-Star break, Paul fractured his right thumb (on his shooting hand). The injury will cost him anywhere from six to eight weeks of playing time. Considering the regular season ends in seven weeks, Paul could conceivably be shut down until the postseason.

If you’re of the belief that the Suns will continue to win without Paul, then by all means, bet Williams here. But if you’re in the camp that thinks a Paul-less Phoenix team will falter, then skip a wager on Williams. We fall into the latter group. Simply put, Paul is the backbone of this team and there’s no replacing him.

That’s apparent when looking at the team’s efficiency ratings when Paul is on the court and when he’s not. Consider this: the Suns’ offensive rating is 115.9 with Paul and 104.9 without. An 11-point difference is no small thing for the Suns to make up. Sure, Devin Booker can take over playmaking duties, but he’s not at the level of Paul — which is no shame since Paul is one of the best ever at running the floor.

Phoenix’s fortitude will be tested in the next two months without its team leader, Paul. And unfortunately for Williams and his Coach of the Year aspirations, that absence will be more costly than good. We could conceivably see Golden State catching up to them in the standings, which won’t be received well by the media that votes on this award. For now, we’re saving our money and skipping a Williams bet.

Bickerstaff Needs Strong Finish To Pull Off Upset

All season long, the Cavs have exceeded expectations— more so than any other NBA team. Few would’ve imagined that at this point in the year they’d be sitting in third place in the East with a 35-23 mark. But that’s exactly where we are as title contenders like the Bucks and Nets are behind them currently. Furthermore, few would’ve imagined that Cleveland would continue to win without Collin Sexton, but they have.

Naturally, Bickerstaff is getting the lion’s share of credit for the Cavs' vast improvement — a franchise that was in the dumps when LeBron James left town three years ago. But that was then and this is now: Cleveland is loaded with young up-and-coming stars like Darius Garland and Evan Mobley (the likely Rookie of the Year). This depth is likely why the aforementioned James has dropped hints that he could finish his career back home.

But switching back to Bickerstaff, he’s never had this type of success before, which makes the Cavs turnaround all the more surprising. Before this year, he possessed a career-winning percentage of 37.5 and had just one winning season in five while at the helm of a franchise. To the voters, a surprise of this magnitude is a strong enough emotion to elicit a Coach of the Year vote.

Of course, Cleveland will need to continue to win for that surprise to endure. The East is deep, but if the Cavs finish on the top-4, Bickerstaff will have as strong a case for Coach or the Year as anyone (assuming the Suns do struggle without Paul). We’re betting that indeed happens and Bickerstaff pulls off the award upset.

J.B. Bickerstaff to win 2022 NBA Coach of the Year

How To Bet On NBA Online?

The post-All-Star NBA promises to be a doozy filled with betting opportunities. If you want to bet on NBA online, you can't go wrong with one of the Canadian bookies listed underneath. Any one of them has a variety of sports bets to make on the remaining NBA season.