Best Bet To Win 2022 Australian Open (Men & Womens)
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Best Bet To Win 2022 Australian Open (Men & Womens)

One of the most drama-filled tennis Grand Slams in recent memory, the 2022 Australian Open, begins on Monday, Jan 17 — and the drama should intensify once players hit the hard courts. As a bettor, what's the move to make? Welp, we have concrete answers right here! Read this to get the best bet to win the 2022 Australian Open!

Best Bet To Win Men's Australian Open 2022

Over the last few weeks, the tourney betting lines have been, what's the word, erratic? It's all a result of the "controversy" surrounding Novak Djokovic, which has forced sportsbooks to account and not account for his presence in the event. Things can change, but as of right now, these are the top players favoured to win men's Australian Open 2022:

We’re just going to go right ahead and say it: we will not be betting on Djokovic — and our advice is you should avoid him as well. While he’s the best player in Australian Open history, evident by his record nine titles here, there are just too many unknowns with him for our liking. Way, way too many.

The Australian government has not been quiet about its wishes to revoke his VISA and deport him out of the country for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. No country has been harsher with its virus restrictions than Australia (quarantine camps anyone?) and not even an all-timer like Djokovic can escape that wrath. While Djokovic is currently slated to play, that could change at any time, including mid-tournament — and if it does, we don’t want our bet to be on the hook for it.

With the Djokovic situation addressed, let’s move on to our actual betting pick to win the men’s singles event — a recent foil of Djokovic actually:

Daniil Medvedev

We didn’t have to look far to find a back-up bet for Djokovic. Of course, Medvedev is the second-ranked player in the world and recently topped Djokovic at the US Open — the only major that Djokovic failed to win in 2021. Cause of all these factors, Medvedev is almost level with Djokovic in the betting odds.

But here’s another key reason why we’re picking the Russian to prevail: his playing style excels on a hard court like Melbourne. Medvedev’s flat groundstrokes just do more damage on this playing surface than clay or grass. It’s part of the reason why Medvedev has gradually improved at this tournament since his debut in 2017.

Get this, he’s never — and we mean never — regressed from one Australian Open to the one he played before. He’s either improved or stayed steady at worse, from 2017 to 2021 when he finished runner-up. We like that trend to continue and this time, finishing with his second consecutive Grand Slam title. Bet on Medvedev here with confidence!

Best Bet To Win Women's Australian Open 2022

Thankfully for bettors, there's no Djokovic-like drama on the women's singles bracket that's causing the odds to go haywire every other day. It's a lot more steady, but nonetheless, the competition to win the women's Australian Open 2022 is fierce. Here's how the best Canada sportsbooks are currently pegging it:

Naomi Osaka

From one player that's swirled in controversy (Djokovic) to another, that's been in the thick of controversy the past year (Osaka). But here's the difference between the two embattled players: Osaka's troubles are likely in the past. There's something telling us Osaka's comeback story prepares for liftoff at Melbourne.

A year ago, Osaka won this very tournament for the second time. But since then, she's feuded with the national media over mental health and withdrawn from one too many tournaments. She one-year detour has led her from a No. 1 rankings to No. 14 right now. 

Nonetheless, talent was never the issue for the 24-year-old. So long as she's focused on the sport, which by all accounts, she finally is, then Osaka is a tough one to beat — especially at the Australian Open, where she holds a win percentage of 85. We're taking a longshot bet on Osaka here, which even with a small risk, pays out mightily. 

How To Bet On 2022 Australian Open?

The Aussie Open begins on January 17 and runs until January 31. During that two-week stretch, there's a multitude of betting opportunities every single day. If you want to bet on the 2022 Australian Open, then you need to pay a visit to one of the Canadian bookmakers outlined below. You'll find up-to-the-minute lines for every match and even futures like the one we covered above. 

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