Sports Betting in Saskatchewan 2022

Located in the centre of the Canadian Prairies, Saskatchewan is known for its flat landscape, farming and friendly people. Although it has the smallest population of the four Western-Canadian provinces, it is home to arguably the biggest, most die-hard sports fans in the country. Despite playing in a small market in the middle of Canada, the Saskatchewan Roughriders regularly rank as the third most popular team in Canada. Football is not the only sport in the province.

The AHL, WHL and many Canadian sporting events also call the province home. The passionate fans in Saskatchewan deserve a sports betting service that actually cares and gives the ability to wager on what they want when they want. Each of the sites above offers a superior product than the default, provincial betting service. Check out these sites today to receive a bonus, which can be wagered on thousands of different events, including CFL Futures. 

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission 

If someone told you, life in Saskatchewan was easy, they are definitely skipping the part on provincial gaming and betting regulations. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is in charge of the provinces casinos and video lottery terminals. However, they do not run the six First Nations casinos. The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority operates them.

Saskatchewan Lotteries is the organization in charge of lotteries and sports betting games in the province. They act as a subsidiary of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which actually runs all the lotteries and sports betting odds. The WCLC just does not have the interest or workforce to run the day-to-day marketing and operations for individual provinces and territories. The sports betting service in Saskatchewan is called Sport Select, a paper and online based slip betting service. 

Sports Select Review

Through its limited sport/event selection and unattractive website, Sport Select struggles to match what is available to Saskatchewan through the burgeoning online sportsbooks market. The lack of a single-bet option, handicaps bettors, and those lucky enough to win will be disappointed with the payout. Outside of profits from Sports Select helping fund education and healthcare, there is almost no reason to use Sports Select for your sports wagering needs. There are plenty of better options available for sports bettors in Saskatchewan. 

Better Alternatives For Saskatchewan 

The best sports fans in the country deserve the best online sportsbooks, which is why they are strongly recommended to check out Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction knows the Canadian market and the struggles sports bettors face. Through their knowledge of the market, Sports Interactions has created a betting service tailored for Canadians.

With better odds, a larger selection of events, single bet options and signup bonuses, Sports Interactions trumps Pro-Line in every category. No longer do the people of Saskatchewan need to parlay a Roughriders bets with another CFL game.

If it is your first time trying Sports Interaction, make sure to check out their signup bonus. First-time users are eligible for 100% bonuses on their first deposit (up to $200). To find out more about why Sports Interaction is the top-rated sportsbook for Saskatchewan, check out our review, which provides more details on the site and its services. 

Sports Interaction is not the only option that is better than Sport Select. Online sportsbooks such as Betway and William Hill offer a much better service with greater payouts, bonuses, rewards and most importantly the ability to place a single bet.