Sports Betting in Quebec 2022

With the second largest population in Canada, Quebec is a major sports market. Home to the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Alouettes and dozens of junior and collegiate level teams, the province loves its sports on every level. Some remain optimistic of a return by the Montreal Expos and Quebec Nordiques, but even without their presence, the region is not underserved by sports.

Where the province is underserved is in their sports betting. Like all of Canada, provincial sports betting service cannot legally offer single-bet options. Forcing bettors to wager a minimum of two or three events, instantly handicaps bettors. Each of the options above allows for single bets, plus they offer better odds and a great selection of activities/sports.

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commissions 

The provincial government of Quebec currently regulates the operations of four casinos, including the largest casino in Canada (Casino de Montreal). The casinos are owned and operated by Loto-Quebec. Loto-Quebec also runs provincial lotteries, video lottery terminals, online lotteries and sports betting. Although Loto-Quebec runs the casinos and betting services, the Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission is tasked with regulating and upholding gaming machines and lotteries in the province, to ensure winnings are in line with the odds.

For those looking for sports betting, the province offers a physical slip and online service called Mise-O-Jeu. While the name may be in a different language than the rest of the provincial sports betting services available in Canada, the service offers up the same below-average odds, selection and no single team betting, like the rest of Canada.

Mise-O-Jeu Review 

Restricting residences of Quebec in selection, wagering amounts and no single-bet option, Mise-O-Jeu gets little right. The selection offered by Mise-O-Jeu is superior to many other provincial services. It allows for wagering on rugby, eSports and international hockey leagues. While the selection is better, it still is behind when compared to what is offered by most online sportsbooks. Quebecois are also handicapped by the lack of a single bet option, which remains the single biggest drawback of any provincial sports betting service. 

The payouts from Mise-O-Jeu are also subpar. A three-bet parlay on point spreads may only payout at five times the wager, or close to 200% less than what the top-rated online sportsbooks typically pay. That fact alone would have most bettors searching for better options. 

Better Alternatives For Quebec 

There are many alternatives for Quebecois who want to wager on sports but want a better option than Mise-O-Jeu. The dedicated Canadian sportsbook, Sports Interaction offers vastly better sports betting service than Mise-O-Jeu. Sports Interaction, which is available in both English and French (select Français in the top-right corner of the site, if it does not automatically switch), has better odds, a deeper selection and allows for single bets. With great signup bonuses and customer service, the site is the top-rated option for residents of Quebec. 

There are other great options outside of Sports Interaction. A popular choice is Betway. Betway is a specialist in live hockey betting. For those die-hard Canadiens fans, Betway can turn up the excitement of an average Tuesday night National Hockey League game.

Other options available to Quebecois include William Hill and Bet365. William Hill and Bet365 are two of the most prominent online sportsbooks in the world. They offer the same great odds and high-quality services to the people of Quebec.