Sports Betting in Prince Edward Island 2022

With its picturesque red sand shores, Prince Edward Island is a popular tourist destination, despite having the smallest population of all the ten provinces. Although Prince Edward Island lacks in large or moderate size sports teams, the region has produced multiple National Hockey League players and two Olympic gold medalists. The most prominent sport in the province is junior hockey.

Despite all of the provinces limitations due to its size and location, the place is home to some of Canada’s biggest sports fan. Those in the province deserve the same quality as everyone else across Canada when it comes to sports and sports betting. The sportsbooks above offer up great odds, bonuses and the ability to bet on single events. 

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commissions

Because of the size and population of the province, there are only three casinos in the entire region, with two in the capital Charlottetown and one in Summerside. Horse and dog racing are parts of each casino, offering wagering options to visitors.

The casinos are a planned attempt to increase tourism to the region, collaborating with cruise ships and other tourism-based industries. As their goal is to funnel more money into the province, the casinos themselves are lacking in sports betting services for residences of the province. Instead, it is the job of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (or the ALC), which also serves the other Maritime Provicines, to provide sports wagering options to the people of Prince Edward Island. 

Pro-Line Review

The Atlantic Lottery Commission offers a betting platform called Pro-Line. Pro-Line in the province provides a range of different betting options, including Pro-Line fantasy and Pro-Line Futures. Pro-Line Fantasy is based on player and team props on a specific game. Pro-Line Futures allows bettors to wager on the winner of a tournament, competition or a league champion.

In theory, these betting options seem fine, in actual practice, this service is extremely limited and much worse than what the online sportsbooks are offering. The ALC does not allow for single event wagering, which instantly handicaps the bettor. Secondly, the odds provide significantly lower payouts. Lastly, the options available to wager is weak. Some online sportsbooks now offer the ability to wager on the QMJHL, something that Pro-Line has never come close to offering. 

Better Alternatives For Prince Edward Island

There are many better alternatives out there for Islanders to use for their sports betting needs. The top-rated option is Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction knows the challenges Canadians face when they want to wager on sports. They have created an online service dedicated to Canadians, providing Canadians with access to superior odds and a more extensive collection of sports/events to wager. With single-game betting and sign-up bonuses, Sports Interaction is the top choice for many across Prince Edward Island and Canada. 

Outside of Sports Interaction, the best online sportsbooks for the citizens of P.E.I are Betway, William Hill and Bet365. Each of these online books offers a vastly superior wagering experience than what the ALC offers with its Pro-Line slip service and online sites.

For many, it is a simple preference on what online sportsbook they select. Some look for sites with better live wagering options, other focus on signup and reload bonuses. Of course, never forget the people who need the biggest selection of events/game to satisfy their wagering need. Check out the reviews of each sportsbooks in the links above, to pick the best option for your sports betting.