Sports Betting in Nunavut 2022

Becoming a territory in 1999, Nunavut is home to around 40000 permanent residences. Encompassing much of the Arctic Archipelago, Nunavut’s terrain and the landscape is as diverse as any in Canada. The lack of a large, permanent population means Nunavut does not have any professional sports teams. The territory has a few junior hockey teams and has hosted the Arctic Winter Games. Otherwise, the people of Nunavut need to look elsewhere for their sports.

Despite having a lack of local sports, many residents turn to sports as a form of escape during the long winter months. With the winter being as harsh as any in the world, they do not need their local sports betting service adding to their woes. All of the sportsbooks listed above are superior to what is available in the region, offering bonuses and a great selection of events.

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission 

Limited in just about every form of wagering, Nunavut is the least served location in Canada when it comes to betting. Casinos do not exist and even purchasing lottery tickets is difficult. Some video lottery terminals exist, but due to the lack of bars in the area (especially in the parts of the territory where alcohol is banned), they are a rare sight.

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation runs the lottery and sports wagering, but even finding a location to place a bet can be quite the challenge. The WCLC does offer its lottery and sports betting services online. However, Sport Selection (which is run through the WCLC) is not very good.

Sport Select Review

Sport Select is the sports betting equivalent to a snowstorm in May. You do not want it, yet here it is. Sport Select is a limited betting service with mediocre odds and low payouts. While it is now available online, which is a benefit to the most of the population of Nunavut, there are multiple other options also available online.

Sport Select offers a few options, including pools and props. However, with its minimum two or three bets on all cards, burning money is almost as profitable. Thankfully, many other options are now available for everyone under the age of 18 in Nunavut.

Better Alternatives For Nunavut 

With the advancement of the internet, online sportsbooks are now available for residents across all of Canada, including Alert and Eureka. The top-rated option for the people of Nunavut is Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction knows the challenges that Canadians face when they are betting on sports, and they have created a service dedicated to providing superior odds, better customer service and more options for those Canadians.

There are many reasons people in Nunavut and all over Canada are switching to Sports Interaction. The first reason is the single-bet option. Anyone using Sports Interaction has the opportunity to wager on a single game or event. No longer do you need to feel handicap when betting. Just pick any event, place your wager and you are done.

Of course, bettors can parlay on the Sports Interaction (up to ten events). What bettors, who place parlays, will notice is if they had put the same bet on Sport Select, the payout they will receive from winning the wager is noticeably less.

For more reasons on why you should select Sports Interaction for your sports betting needs, check out our comprehensive review, or start wagering today. First-time users are eligible for a 100% bonus on their first deposit (up to $200).