Sports Betting in Nortwest Territories 2022

Large in land area, but small in population, the Northwest Territories provide Canada with precious minerals, fishing and breathtaking scenery as well as operating as a passageway to the Arctic Circle. Due to its size, remote location and the high cost of living, the Northwest Territories do not have any professional, collegiate or amateur sports teams. Small, independent leagues in the few populated pockets exist, but they are more for fun than anything.  

Even without their own team, the Northwest Territories still enjoy watching and wagering on sports, like the rest of Canada. And like the rest of Canada, the region is underserved by their regulating gaming commission. Each of the sportsbooks above offers a better service than what is available through the WCLC. Plus, since they are all online, bettors never need to face darkness and treacherous weather to place a simple two dollar wager. 

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission 

Too small to have an independent regulatory body, Western Canada Lottery Corporation oversees the sports odds and lottery services, while the Sport North Federation handles marketing for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. There is not much in terms of physical wagering in the region. A few bingo halls and charitable raffles exist. However, there are no permanent casinos, racetracks, slots or even video lottery terminals in the region. 

Since the area is regulated by the WCLC, people in the Northwest Territories have the option to wager on sports through Sport Select. Since the service has expanded to both physical and online, the region is better served. However, what they are served by is not very good.

Sport Select Review

Limited events, bad odds and the inability to bet a single game make Sport Select a lousy option for wagers in the Northwest Territories. While the service is now ability online, so are the best alternatives for the Northwest Territories. With too many provinces and territories involved with the WCLC, it can be difficult to determine whether a fair amount of profits are going towards funding better services in the Northwest Territories. Overall, avoid using Sport Select as much as possible.

Better Alternatives For The Northwest Territories 

With the advance of technology and the globalization of online sportsbooks, even people in the most remote parts of the Northwest Territories have full access to sports betting. The top recommended option for the Northwest Territories is Sports Interaction.

Through their Canadian first service, Sports Interaction provides its users with a great experience that improves on all the flaws offered by Sport Select. People in the Northwest Territories, who choose to use Sports Interaction, as their sports betting service will notice many benefits. The first, and maybe most important, the benefit is the ability to wager on a single event/game/future.

Single-bet wagering is not the only advantage Sports Interaction has over Sport Selection. Sports Interaction offers better odds, which equates more substantial winnings. They also provide signup bonuses, a more massive selection of events and sports for wagering and a higher quality website. Check out our review of Sports Interaction for more reasons why many Canadians are switching to Sports Interaction or check out their site today for thousands of great wagering options.