Sports Betting in Newfoundland 2022

In its own time zone, Newfoundland and Labrador is the furthest east province in Canada. Home to over half-million residents, the area is known for its historical sites, rocky shores and fishing industry. The remoteness of the province has not stopped it from being one of Canada’s best sports location. The capital city of St. John’s regularly hosts sporting events, including the Brier Cup and The Tournament of Hearts (Canada’s most prominent curling competitions).

Life in the province can be challenging, with its extreme weather and a rocky job market. To help make things a little better, online sportsbooks are now serving the province, providing great odds, quick payouts and signup bonuses. The residences of Newfoundland and Labrador need no longer feel the pinch of the government regulated sports betting service offered to them over the last 50 years. They now have access to dozens of better options, with the top choices listed above.  

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission 

Currently, no casinos operate in the province, as casino-style gaming is illegal in the province. There are a few video lottery terminals in the province, found in liquor-licensed establishes. However, they lack when compared to what is available in other parts of Canada.

The province does allow for lotteries, scratch tickets and racetrack betting. Due to the lack of physical casinos, online casinos are quite popular in the province. Sports betting in the province is run and regulated by the Atlantic Lottery Commission. The sports betting service offered by the Atlantic Lottery Commission is called Pro-Line. 

Pro-Line Review 

No single bet options, limited selection and terrible odds make Pro-Line a lousy betting service for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Atlantic Lottery Commission treats its sports betting service like a lottery, not a game of logic and skill. They seem uninterested in expanding their selections or providing better odds. Instead, they focus on the bottom-line, leaving residences of the province looking elsewhere for their sports betting.

Better Alternates For Newfoundland And Labrador 

No longer are the people of Newfoundland limited to just what is available on Pro-Line. Online sportsbooks are offering vastly superior odds, services and selections and, of course, the ability to wager on a single event.

The top recommended online sportsbook is Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction is a dedicated Canadian sports betting service, providing Canadians all across the country with high-quality customer service and superb odds.

One area where Sports Interaction indeed shows its superiority over Pro-Line is the event selection. Sports Interaction offers odds on thousands of events from all over the globe. They also know Canadians love to see their country well-represented, so Sports Interaction provides odds on junior hockey and Canadian curling tournaments.

Betting on the winner of the curling event or parlaying multiple sports, is just one of the many other reasons why Sports Interaction is a better alternative. To find out more about Sports Interaction, check out our comprehensive review today.

Pro-Line is not even the second-best option in Newfoundland (it probably does not even crack the top ten). There are a multitude of other online sportsbooks available to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, which are better than Pro-Line

 William Hill is a highly-regarded sportsbook, now offering its services to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. Both are superior to Pro-Line.