Sports Betting in New Brunswick 2022

Nestled between Quebec and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick is home to some of Canada’s most beautiful natural wonders. With a mixture of French and English speaking people, the sporting landscape is as diverse as any province in Canada. With no professional sports teams, many fans cheer for the Quebec sports franchises, while others may look south of the border to the New England region for their sports inspiration. The one thing the people of the province can agree on is their junior hockey. The area is home to three QMJHL hockey teams, the most of any Maritime province.

Sports are an important part of life in New Brunswick. However, the provincial government and regulating body for sports betting in the province does not seem to have the same feelings. For those looking for better sports betting odds, options and earnings, they are encouraged to check out the sportsbooks listed in the table above.

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commission

Home to a single provincial casino, the people of New Brunswick, are very limited in their physical selection of gaming location. A few other gaming centres exist on First Nations reserve, providing visitors with video slots, bingo and some poker rooms.  

Video lottery terminals can be found in licensed established across the province. However, their popularity has decreased in reason years. New Brunswick is one of the four provinces a part of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation or ALC. The ALC oversees lottery games, scratch tickets, video lotteries and the provinces sports betting service. The ALC provides the people of New Brunswick with a betting service called Pro-Line, which operates through paper slips and online.

Pro-Line Review 

Limitations are the first thought that comes to mind when talking about Pro-Line. Although the service has expanded to offer online wagering, (alongside its paper-based slip service), Pro-Line still lacks in its selection of events/sports and requires a minimum of two or three bets on all its bet cards. The second thing that comes to mind when talking about Pro-Line is mediocre odds. If you manage to hit on your two or three bets, the payout is noticeably worse than what the same wager would net using an online sportsbook. Overall, their are many better options online for New Brunswick.

Better Alternatives For New Brunswick 

For those tired of the limited selection and bad odds, there are many great options available. The top-rated choice for the people of New Brunswick is Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction is a dedicated Canadian sportsbook. Sports Interaction knows the hardships Canadian sports bettors face, due to government regulations and overall ineptitude in the Atlantic Lottery Commissions.

Sports Interaction offers a wider selection of sporting events and even odds on eSports and entertainment. They also offer single event betting, superior odds and signup bonuses. Read our comprehensive review of Sports Interaction or visit the site to find out more about why Sports Interaction is the preferred sportsbook for Canadians.

 Other options available include William Hill, Betway and Bet365. Each site offers better odds and services than Pro-Line, although they do not have the Canadian focus that Sports Interaction has. Wiliam Hill excels at English Premier League soccer. Betway is a leader in live hockey betting. Bet365 offers its customers free streaming.