Best Sports Betting Apps for Canadiens 2022

With most Canadians having at least one mobile device, it’s little wonder that wagering on the fly has taken the online gaming industry by storm. Nowadays the ability to get in winning wagers while on the go is a must for any sportsbook looking to compete. With special mobile offers, increasingly sleek and easy-to-use designs, choosing the right betting app can make all the difference in getting the most out of your sportsbook experience.

Canada Mobile Sportsbook Reviews

As most portable devices do not display websites the same as your home PC or Mac, mobile betting apps are uniquely created by each sportsbook’s team of tech geeks and therefore can vary in quality, functionality and reliability. We’ve reviewed each and every handheld handicapping app available to Canadian sports betting fans and here are the reviews!


Online Mobile Betting Apps Available In Canada

No matter if you live on a farm in Alberta, or the suburbs of Toronto, you know the frustration of rushing to catch your favorite sporting event. As the minutes tick off the clock, so too do your chances of placing that winning wager before the puck drops, or the referee blows the opening whistle. No matter if you use an Android based smart phone, an iPhone or a Blackberry, most major sportsbooks will have an on the fly wagering app that allows you to log in, manage your account, make a deposit and/or place a bet in their sportsbook. Increasingly sites are also offering cellphone accessible casinos and poker rooms for those moments when boredom threatens to overtake you. On the following pages we examine the leaders in mobile wagering applications.