Sports Betting in Manitoba 2022

Manitoba is the fifth most populated province in Canada and a vital part of the country, with transportation being a major industry. With roughly 60% of Manitoba’s population calling the city of Winnipeg home, the central-Canadian hub is home to many sports teams including the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League. 

With cold winters and humid summers, Manitobans turn to sports as a form of escape. Even though the people of the province have a great selection of sports to watch, their provincial betting service is lacking, especially compared to the online sportsbooks listed below. 

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commissions

Manitobans enjoy more than just wagering on sports, they also have access to provincial casinos, racetracks and lotteries. The province is regulated by the government with the profits going towards social services such as healthcare and education. 

Sports betting became legal in Manitoba in 1969. Since its legalization, the industry has grown in the province. Sports betting is run and regulated by the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (as of April 1, 2014). The province also is home to the Native Gaming Commission Agreement, which allows for charitable and religious gaming events on reserves.

Racetracks can be found in the province. However, outside of Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg, the industry is not quite as strong as the casino and lottery services. For non-racetrack sporting events, the LGA operates a sports betting service called PlayNow.  

PlayNow Review

Even with different options and bodies, the sports betting landscape in Manitoba is subpar. PlayNow is the provincial sports betting service. PlayNow is arguably superior to the majority of what is offered in the majority of other provinces. PlayNow offers online betting, which expands their slip selection on each event. For example, on a National Football League game, bettors may find up to 120 different options to wager.

While it is better than what many other provincials offer, it is still behind what the top online sportsbooks have. Plus, Manitobans are still limited by two or three-bet minimums, no live wagering and a limited selection of events/leagues. 

Better Alternatives To PlayNow 

No longer are the people of Manitoba limited to only what is available to bet through PlayNow. Manitobans can choose to use online sportsbooks, which offer better odds, single bet options, signup bonuses and futures. The following are the top-rated options for Manitoba. 

The top-rated choice is Sports Interaction. Sports Interaction is a dedicated Canadian Sportsbook, delivering high-quality odds and services. Sports Interaction offers a much more extensive betting service. From Winnipeg Blue Bomber futures to Manitoba Moose puck lines, there are plenty of options available on Sports Interaction, which are unavailable for wagering on PlayNow.

Although Sports Interaction is the top-rated sportsbooks for Manitoba. William Hill is one of the oldest and most reputable sportsbooks in the world and an excellent spot to wager on Premier League and Rugby. 

Bet365 also offers Manitobans better odds and selection than PlayNow, but sign-up bonuses and, for Bet365 players, online streaming. In this era of technology, people should not be so restricted in terms of their sports wagering options.