Round Robin bets are multi-team parlays that amount somewhere between 3 and 18 selections. You are basically playing as many team parlays as possible, where the amount you bet is equal to each of the parlays. It is a great way to enjoy the league action as you are invested in many different games at once. This betting option is popular at the best online sportsbooks and, with very generous prices, there’s money to made Round Robin wagering.

Where to place Round Robin Bets

Check out the table provided for you below to discover which of the countless online sportsbook offer the best round robin betting options. The list will guide you our expert reviews, help get you signed up and on to the action.

Round Robin Betting Odds and Payouts

At most sportsbooks you can select between 3 to 8 teams to take part in your parlay, and from there you can choose 2 to 6 different parlays. The beauty of such a betting option is that even if one of your parlays loses, you can still one on another. It basically saves you from making multiple separate bets. Now you have all your predictions down in one neat wager, and if you are confident in several different outcomes, this is the betting option for you. Almost all online books offer this option but only the ones in our list are worth your wager.

The amount you bet on a round robin wager is the amount you are betting on each two team parlay, and you must make an equal wager on each parlay. If you lay down $10 on 3 two team parlays, you are betting a total of $30. If any team on your card loses, all parlays associated with that team have also lost. If there’s a push, the parlay drops a level or becomes a straight bet. Most of the top books will allow for cross-sports betting with Round Robins. This means you can bet on days worth of NFL, NCAA, and MLB action – all on one card.