Reverse Betting Strategy

A reverse bet is like a double-action ‘if’ bet, the same as playing a four-team parlay using two teams front and back. This way, if your first team wins (or ties or cancels, depending on the sportsbook’s offer), then you have action on your second team. This is a good way to play a parlay while minimizing your losses, but maximizing your winnings if you are confident on several outcomes. Hugle popular with football, the beginning of the NFL season is a good time to get into reverse betting.

Where to lay a Reverse Bet

Although hundreds of online sportsbooks will offer you the reverse betting option, we have narrowed down the very best sites for you in this comprehensive wagering table. No need to go elsewhere, the best reverse bets you’ll find online are found right her. at any of these superior sportsbooks.

Reverse Betting Odds and Payouts

You must lay down the same amount for each bet within the reverse. So an if bet for the wager of $110 will be $220 as a reverse bet. Reverse bets are essentially two straight bets and the total amount of the reverse will be the amount of each straight bet. The maximum risk that’s involved is going to be twice the highest risk of your two bets, therefore the maximum you could win will be twice the winning of each team involved.

Payouts are often higher in reverse bets because there are more events that have to occur for your bet to come through. The more teams you select in the reverse bet, the more possible outcomes are on the cards, therefore the more money you must risk. Of course, with all that comes the fact that the more money you will win if correct.