Prop Bets in Sports Betting

Proposition bets wagers that add another level of excitement to the regular routine of a sportsbooks’ betting options. They can sports related, or about politics, courts, and even celebrity mishaps. Often player performances are lined up side by side with odds offered on either one. Though they are normally a fun side bet, there is money to be made – just do your homework on both sides of the bet before laying down your wager.

Where to make Prop Bets

We have done the legwork to bring our loyal readers the best sportsbooks to place prop bets. Using the table provided below, check out what each has to offer and pick your favorite. No matter which you pick, tons of people are making prop bets there everyday. Proposition wagering is not only a blast – but it’s profitable as well.

Prop Betting Odds and Payouts

Prop betting is not normally something professional bettors often take seriously because the bets are often outside of their comfort zone. But, many people love the head-to-head action these bets create or just making the right call on how an event will play out. For example, the Lions win the Super Bowl and you’re excited to watch them ice the coach because the color of the Gatorade could win you money.  There will be several possible outcomes for each prop bet so pick the one that works best based on your research.

How many interceptions will QB Matt Stafford throw? Your options will be something like zero all the way up to 4+ and each outcome will carry different odds. With simple research and a good knowledge base of what is to come in the game and how players and teams are performing, you can get a good gauge on many of the prop bets. Others are just random wagers – like whether their will be a “wardrobe malfunction” during the halftime show at the Super Bowl – which will always be the King of all prop betting events!