Over Under Betting Explained

Sports betting can come down to backing your favorite team, or going against a hated rival, but what happens when it’s not about picking a side? That’s when the Over/Under or Total (short for Total Points) – normally the third betting column for most wager listings – can be the perfect wager to put down on. Bettors choose whether a team, or the game, will score over or under the number of listed points. Simple as pie, but just as tasty!

Best Over / Under Betting Sites

Just like point spreads and Money Line wagers, Over/Under totals bets can differ from site to site, and just like in the games themselves, one point can make all the difference. We’ve scoured the hundreds of online sportsbooks available to Canadian bettors to bring you our recommended list. We “Under”stand sportsbooks, so don’t get “Over”whelmed – we’re here to help!

Over/Under Betting Odds and Payouts

Most sports betting options can and will differ based on the notion that sportsbooks seek to balance the action on both sides of a wager 50/50 (and then take a little bit off the top). With that in mind Over/Under total points bets are expertly created by bookmakers to be appealing for bettors, no matter what side you’ve chosen in the Money Line or Point Spread. Over/Under odds normally payout similar to Point Spreads due to this balance.

While overall game totals receive most of the action, team totals (how many runs/points/goals a team will score) are also offered at most major sportsbooks. Due to the relative stability of Over/Under wagers they make the perfect addition to Money Line or Point Spread bets in a parlay. Doing so can seriously up your payout potential, so don’t just stop at your first selection, keep going and add an Over/Under total bet.