Moneyline Betting Explained

The money line bet is the most common and most popular method of betting across all sportsbooks. A Moneyline wager lists odds in terms of cold hard cash, based on who you are backing to win the game.

Odds can be expressed as a plus (+) or a minus (-). The number after that symbol tells you how much you need to lay down to win a hundred dollars.

So for example:

  • Moneyline odds of -115 means you need to bet $115 to win $100...
  • ...while a positive odd such as +200 means you’ll get that amount for every hundred wagered.

Best Moneyline Betting Sites

Simply speaking, if an online sportsbook doesn’t offer Money Lines then it’s not a sportsbook. Money line wagers have dominated the online gaming industry since the beginning of time. Canucks using our selection of top sportsbooks get sharp moneylines and great prices, both designed to return some of best payouts anywhere.

You can create an account on any of the sportsbooks below and be sure that you'll always find your moneyline market offers plus some other exciting bet types when the moneyline ones aren't so attractive.

Money Line Betting Odds and Payouts

Money Line bets are like spring weather in Halifax – all over the place. Depending upon the event and sport, a money line can be tilted in your favor, or the house could be forcing you to say “Uncle”. One of the most important things to note about Money Lines is public behavior can often alter a published line. As sportsbooks are looking to balance the action 50/50, if one side gets too much action, the prices will change to favor the lagging side.

So while you might want to back the favored Cowboys at -115 on Monday, come Thursday that might have moved to -125, meaning that you get less payout for the same wager! For this reason Money Line betting can be one of the most exciting and tantalizing betting options available to Canadian online sports betting fans.

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