Future Bets Explained

Think you can tell the future better than those hacks with a deck of cards on the street corner? Then you’ll want to try your hand on Futures betting. A Futures wager lets you put down on an “If” in sports betting, often several weeks or months before the possible outcome is known. Want to bet on who will win the World Series, in June? Want to bet on who will be the NBA MVP before the end of the season? Then we see a Futures bet in your future.

Where to bet on Futures

Canadian online sports betting enthusiasts looking to open a sportsbook account should make sure that a wide selection of Futures betting is presented across all sporting events. Leading sportsbooks, including our recommended list below, put their best foot forward when it comes to offering great Futures wagers.

Futures Betting Odds and Payouts

Futures bets are wagers placed on a future result – not a specific game like most wagers – but on the overall outcome of a season, series of events, or league final. In Futures wagering you’re betting against the house, so you can only choose one side of a wager and since you’re betting on something that may or may not happen, Futures are always listed as Moneyline “to win” bets.

Since Futures wagers are set far before seasons or events even take place – and with so many possible factors that can affect a team or player (injury, demotion, revealing of 25 mistresses before you crash into a fire hydrant, etc.), payouts on Futures wagers can be incredibly high. Wager on a pre-season underdog before the season begins and by the Championship game you could bank a sweet payout of over 10,000/1 – sweet!