Signing-Up For An Online Sportsbook

After picking an online sportsbook, the first step to complete before betting is to sign up and create an account. The process of signing for an online sportsbook is straightforward and should not take more than a few minutes. This webpage will take you through all the steps when signing up for an online sportsbook, plus help guide you through any potential problems that can arise during the sign up process. 

Creating a Sportsbook Account

Before signing up for an online sportsbook, everyone should be aware that any reliable online sportsbook will require an account before any deposits and bets are accepted. Creating an account is standard on just about any website that retains information and conducts financial transactions. We shall explain what to expect when signing up for an online sportsbook below and continue on with more relevant information, to help new users.

Username and Password

When signing up for an online sportsbook, the website will ask for an email address and for the user to create a username and password. Depending on the site, your email may also double as your username. However, some online sportsbooks will require a unique username allow with your email. You must have an email to use any online sportsbook. Luckily, most email clients are free and easy to create an account with.

Choose a username you will remember, as you will need to enter it in every time you sign in and out of your account. If a username is already taken, the website will not let you continue and you will need to create a new username.

Along with a username, a password is necessary. Password requirements vary from site to site. Most sportsbooks will ask for a password of a minimum six or eight characters long. They may also ask for a mixture of letters and numbers. A few may even ask for a special character such as an exclamation or question mark in your password.

You will need to enter your password twice before continuing on. If the passwords do not match, you will need to re-enter your password. After creating a password, most online sportsbooks will ask for a few more details. These include the user's date of birth, a security question, your postal code and a phone number.

Date of birth is to make sure a user is of the minimum legal age to use an online sportsbook. The Canada legal age to bet is 18, meaning anyone under the age of 18 cannot create an account on any reputable online sportsbook. Security questions are used to retrieve lost emails, while postal codes and phone numbers are ways to show you are from Canada.

Once everything is accepted, new users should receive an email to verify their account. There should be a link in the email that will verify your account and redirect you back to the site. If you cannot see the email in your main inbox, either check in your spam folder or request another verification email. Overall the whole sign up process should only take a few minutes. 

Additional Information

Some online sportsbook may require additional information before accepting a new account. This information can be to prove a user is the minimum legal age to gamble (18 or 19, depending on the country), or to prove they reside in a certain country. Most additional information is not asked upon sign up, but later on when making deposits and withdrawals. However, if they doubt the legitimacy of an account, you may need to submit additional documentation before continuing.

If any online sportsbook asks for information such a Social Insurance Number, a scan of a passport or your direct banking information during this portion of the sign up process, be wary. To just create and activate an account, none of this information is necessary and may be the sign of a fraudulent online sportsbook. Check out our sportsbook reviews if you doubt the legitimacy of an online sportsbook when creating a new account.  

Things to Remember Before Proceeding

Before continuing on, you should remember to do the following things. These recommendations will make your betting experience better and help you avoid any problems further down the road. 

Write down your password and username in a safe place

Check your time zone

Double check all information

If you have any questions after creating an account, contact the sportsbook's customer service department. Their skilled team can help answer any questions you have before you start depositing money and betting on sports. 

Sign Up Problems and Risks 

As long as you have entered the correct information, your account should be approved. However, there are a few issues that pop up now and again when signing up. Below are some problems that can occur when creating a new account.

Email Address Problem

IP Address Problem

Incorrect Information

Your Information is Blacklisted

If any major problems occur when signing up, it is recommended to contact the online sportsbook’s customer service department directly. They will better explain why a problem occurred and how best to solve the issue. 

Making Your First Deposit

After creating your account, the next step is to make your first deposit into the account. While you are welcome to look around the sportsbook and explore more of the website’s betting options, no wager can be placed until funds are deposited into an account.  

While not every online sportsbook accepts the same methods of payment, the most popular options are generally universal. The majority of Canadians use a debit or credit card to make deposits into their account. Other options include direct bank transfers, virtual cards, Bitcoins and physically sending money through cheques and credit unions.

  • Credit and Debit Cards

Although debit and credit cards are the easiest way to deposit into an account, they do come with a few stipulations. Canadian banks and creditors are wary of sending large sums of money to online sportsbooks. This means most online sportsbooks have limits on deposits through this method cap. Also, if your credit card is not Visa or Mastercard, you may wish to contact the sportsbook to make sure they accept it. Many sites will not take American Express or smaller cards.

  • Bank Transfer

Instead of using a card, most online sportsbooks offer the ability to transfer funds directly from your bank account. This method of deposit allows for a more significant transaction at a slower rate. Unless you wish to make a large deposit, a debit card is a better option.

  • Bitcoin

A payment method growing in popularity is Bitcoin (and some other cryptocurrencies). Using Bitcoin is safe, simple and on some sites the speediest way to process transactions. Bitcoin deposits are converted into Canadian funds when wagering and switch back to Bitcoin when depositing into your Bitcoin wallet. Mining fees are usually paid by the person or company sending the currency. However, some online sportsbooks offer additional bonuses for customers using Bitcoin, meaning you can recoup some or all of the fees you could be charged when depositing into your account.

  • Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are another way to deposit into accounts. A virtual card acts similar to a credit card, but have higher limits when making international transactions. Using a virtual card does add an additional step in the depositing process, as you must first load the card with funds. There can also be additional fees depending on the company. Read the fine print when signing up for a virtual card to better understand potential charges that can occur when depositing funds. 

  • Paper Cheques

Although it is the slowest method to make a deposit, some people still prefer to send physical cheques to add funds to their accounts. As these cheques often travel across oceans and seas, there is no exact timeline of how long it will take for funds to be added to your account. There are two benefits to using cheques. First, they are not subject to cyber threats. Second, limits on cheques are often higher than that of other deposit methods.

  • Paypal and eWallets

It is important to note that PayPal (and other eWallets) are often not an accepted form of payments for Canadians. Some online sportsbooks will accept PayPal from other countries, but not from Canadian accounts. A few online sportsbooks are currently taking PayPal, but it has yet to catch on, and due to 4% fees, likely never will. 

Cashing In Your Sign Up Bonus

When signing up and making the first deposit, most online sportsbooks offer a sign up bonus to Canadians. The most popular bonus when signing up is a 100% bonus on first deposits. These bonuses typically do not exceed $300, and they are not mandatory to make the first deposit. Sign up bonuses do come with a rollover, which means you will need to spend a minimum amount to withdraw your winnings. 

Watch out for any sign up bonus exceeding 100%. While more money is great, online sportsbooks are businesses and have set amounts they can offer new customers. Anything exceeding 100% is either steeped in strict rules and regulations or is the sign of a bad sportsbook. 

Also, if an online sportsbook is recommended to you by a friend, you both are likely eligible for a friend referral bonus. Have your friend send you their friend referral code and make sure to enter it when making your first deposit. Both of you should receive a bonus after the deposit is processed. 

Placing Your First Bets

After you have signed up and made your first deposit, now is the time to start betting. At first, it can seem a little overwhelming as online sportsbooks offer a much more extensive selection of events for wagering (compared to provincial sports lotteries). However, once you get the hang of the site, you certainly will not want to return to the lesser services provided across Canada. 

If you are unsure where to start, check out our sites for free picks on the biggest sporting events. Also, we have more pages explaining how to bet on different sports and helpful tips to become more successful when betting.


Additional Information Required

While setting up an account on an online sportsbook is a relatively painless process, any reliable and secure sportsbook will require some additional information down the road. This information is typically a form of government ID and some way to prove your method of deposit. For example, if you used a credit card to make a deposit, you will need to send a picture of the front and back of your card. If you use direct bank transfer, a copy of a recent statement is often asked for. 

The reasoning behind this is to avoid fraud, duplicate accounts and help stop money laundering. The international bodies that license and regulate online sportsbooks require the company to keep track of all information to help prevent illegal activity. All our recommended online sportsbooks have top-notch security teams to ensure your information remains safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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