Best Sportsboks SignUp Bonuses

When picking a sign up bonus, not everything is about the highest return on your first deposit. Understanding what type of bettor you are, knowing the rollover rate of the bonus and determining what method of deposit you prefer all go into the process of picking the best sign up bonus. We shall go over the best bonuses from the full range of options available and explain how each bonus works.

Picking a Sign Up Bonus

A sign up bonus is one of the factors that go into choosing an online sportsbook. Since there are a lot of online sportsbooks serving the Canadian market, it is difficult to find the best option for you. Luckily, we have conducted in-depth research to determine the best bonuses available in Canada.

Before picking an online sportsbook and receiving a sign up bonus, you should consider your sports betting habits and betting strategies. Different styles of betting can help determine what bonuses best suits your need and what online sportsbook to choose.

We have created a few different categories to help direct Canadians towards the bonus best for them. While you may fringe into multiple categories, it will still help you narrow down your search. You could also find a few online sportsbooks are a great option for multiple types of bettors as they offer different bonuses depending on your method of deposit. 

Those New to Online Sportsbooks

If you are new to online sportsbook or new to sports betting in general, a 100% bonus on your first deposit is the recommended option. Although these bonuses come with certain requirements such as rollover rates, the additional funds at the start are a great way to gain sports betting knowledge and better experience all your online sportsbook offers.

  • Infrequent Bettors

If you are someone looking to bet on just a single event or do not have plans to continue betting afterwards, you may wish to forego a bonus altogether. Some online sportsbooks do not have a sign up bonus, instead offering better odds on events.

  • Seasoned Bettors

If you are a highly experienced sports bettor looking to make large deposits, you should consider online sportsbooks that reward their customers for making larger deposits. Certain online sportsbooks will increase their bonuses or provide other benefits to users who make more substantial deposits. This option is only recommended for individuals who are experienced sports bettors and have a clear strategy of what they plan to bet.

  • Cryptocurrency Experts

If you use Bitcoin (or some other cryptocurrencies), you may want to find an online sportsbook that rewards users who make deposits using Bitcoin. More and more online sportsbook are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment and reward users with higher bonuses who use it to deposit funds into their account. 

  • Best Bonuses Available to Canadians

After some serious research, we have found the best bonuses available to Canadians. We have taken into consideration multiple factors such as rollover requirements, quality of the sportsbook and life after the bonus to compile a list of the best options out there.

Best 100% Sign Up Bonuses

The standard 100% match on a first deposit is the best bonus for the majority of sports bettors. This bonus allows for new users to truly experience the sportsbook without needing to invest a large sum of money. While rollover rates are confusing to start, they are not nearly as burdensome as many seem to believe. If you are smart and active, you can clear a rollover requirement relatively quickly and start reaping the rewards. Consider these online sportsbook bonuses if you are new to online sportsbooks or have a casual sports betting strategy.

  • Sports Interaction

Our top-rated online sportsbooks also finishes atop our list of best sign up bonuses. Sports Interaction offers a 100% sign up bonus, matching up to $200 on your first deposit, at a 10x rollover requirement. However, after customers hit three times their rollover, they are eligible to make withdrawals from their account (starting at 10% and growing as you continue betting and approach the full rollover requirement).

Along with Sports Interaction’s bonus, Sports Interaction is the best option available to Canadian. With part of the company operating in Kahnawake, Quebec (across the river from Montreal) Sports Interaction understands Canadians and their betting preferences. Check out our Sports Interaction review for more reasons to pick Sports Interaction as your online sportsbook.

  • Betway

Betway offers a great sign up bonus for those looking for a small minimum deposit and reasonable rollover requirement. Their 100% sign up bonus starts at just $10 and matches any first deposit up to $200. Their rollover requirement is quite reasonable at 8x.

Canadians who often bet (especially on the MLB) will find Betway is a great online sportsbook. They offer plenty of bonuses, competitive odds and great customer service. They also offer great live betting, which can help users win more often and clear their rollover requirement. 

Best Bonuses for Seasoned Bettors and High Rollers

Many Canadians sign up for online sportsbooks with little experience outside of their provincial run sports lotteries. However, some enter the marketplace with years of experience and a propensity towards higher wagers. If you fit this description, you may want to consider one of the options below, especially if you are planning on making a large deposit to start ($500 to $1000 to start).

  • William Hill

When you are closing in on 100 years of experience and trade on the London Stock Exchange, you certainly have the wherewithal to accept larger bets and deposits than most. Their 100% sign up bonus caps at only $100. However, once you complete your first bonus, you may be eligible for increasing bonuses on larger deposits. If you are planning on making a large deposit at the beginning, contact William Hill's customer service department to find out about potential bonuses. 

Where William Hill shines is through the amount of betting markets they offer and their willingness to take a large deposit. As the largest online sportsbook in the world, William Hill has the resources to offer the biggest selection of events and take on the most significant deposits. For those looking to try out a betting service using a sign up bonus, before making larger deposits, then William Hill is the best option available.

  • SportsBetting

With a name like sports betting, you know what this site is designed to offer – great sports betting lines and odds. That is not all Sports Betting has, as new users are eligible for a 75% sign up bonus on deposits (up to $1000, at a 10x rollover requirement).

Sports Betting's bonuses are one of the better parts of this online sportsbook. While it continues to improve its site, its interface and betting engine are a bit behind the best options available. 

Best Bitcoin Bonuses

There is a growing trend of online sportsbook accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Currently only a few accept Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), but as the platform grows more and more online sportsbook will hop on the bandwagon. We will cover more on Bitcoin and online sportsbook further on in the guide.

Other Bonuses

Almost every online sportsbook offers a bonus when signing up. The key word there is almost. A few online sportsbooks such as Pinnacle forego bonuses (and some other features) to offer their customers better lines and odds.

Also, if an online sportsbook is recommended to you from a friend or family member, you can receive a friend referral bonus. Ask for a friend referral code and enter when signing up to receive an additional bonus when you make your first deposits. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There is a lot to take in when considering bonuses and often Canadians think of more questions when they are signing up for an online sportsbook. Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions Canadians have about sign up bonuses.

Why do Online Sportsbooks Offer Bonuses?

How do I Receive my Sign Up Bonus?

Am I Required to Accept a Sign Up Bonus?

What if I Do Not Use All my Sign Up Bonus?

These Bonuses are Great! Can I Create a Second Account to Receive more?

I have gone Through my Sign Up Bonus. Now What?

Some of these Online Sportsbooks have the same Bonus. How do I Know Which is Best for Me?

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