Online Sportsbooks with fastest payouts

When picking an online sportsbook, almost everyone will agree the quicker they payout winnings, the better. No one wants to sit around waiting (sometimes with uncertainty) for his or her payout to arrive. Luckily, we have gone through the many online sportsbooks available in Canada to find the fastest payouts. Along with fast payouts, all the online sportsbook on our list come highly recommended for a multitude of other reasons.

What Determines Payout Speed

There are two main factors that dictate how fast your withdrawal is processed and received. The first is your method of withdrawal and the second is the online sportsbook’s customer service department. We shall begin by covering these two factors before providing some additional details on other causes for faster or slower payouts.

  • Method of Withdrawal

How you withdraw your money is the most significant factor in the speed it takes to receive your winnings. Every method of withdrawal has a different average time it takes to process. Bitcoin is currently leading the way as the fastest form of withdrawal. Debit and credit cards regularly rank second, followed by wire transfers (or bank transfers). The slowest method is any form of payment received physically (such as a cheque or a using a service such as Western Union).

It is important to remember that the speed of the transaction is not entirely based on the online sportsbook. Banks, credit cards and even Bitcoin all have additional factors that play into the speed it takes to process and receive a payout.  

In addition, it is important to remember it will take longer to process your first payout than any subsequent payouts. Since online sportsbooks need to verify your information, you should always add 24 to 48 hours of additional time on your first withdrawal. Once your account and withdrawal method are verified every subsequent payout (through that method) processes quicker.

  • Customer Service

Though not as strong of an indicator as your method of payout, you can often get a grasp of an online sportsbook processing speed by the response time of their customer service department. If you ask customer service a question through email and it takes over a day to respond, it is difficult to put trust in their ability to process a payout at a reasonable rate.

When online sportsbooks offer live chat options, they are often more on top of payouts then options that do not have a live chat feature. While the customer service department is rarely in charge of processing financial transactions, they are well versed in the time it takes to make a request and explain why a transaction takes a certain amount of time to process or why a request is taking longer than average.

Additional Factors

A few other factors can play into the amount of time it takes to process a withdrawal. Although these factors are not nearly as crucial to payout speed as your payout method and customer service, they can play a role in the time it takes to process a transaction.

  • Time of Year

In rare instances, the time of year could lengthen the time it takes to receive your payout. During busy times such as the Super Bowl or around Christmas, it may take a little longer to receive your money. These times represent such a small percentage of the year, it is not much more than a quick heads up you may need to wait a little longer than usual to receive a payout than an indicator of a slow or unreliable online sportsbook.

  • Switching Payout Methods

Most online sportsbooks limit your payouts to the same way you put money into your account. However, a few options let you change how you receive your payment. If you opt to switch, you should expect a longer waiting time for your first withdrawal. The online sportsbook needs to verify your new payout method, which typically adds 24 to 48 hours.

  • Day of the Week

Any great online sportsbook offers 24-hour sports betting and 24-hour customer service. However, many do not offer 24-hour payment support. By this we mean, the team in charge of processing withdrawals operates in a fairly standard Monday to Friday window. If you make a payout request on a Saturday, an online sportsbook may not start processing it until Monday morning.

  • Incorrect Information

If you enter inaccurate information into your online sportsbook account, it delays the time it takes to process payout. In most scenarios, your money returns to your account. However, in some cases (especially using Bitcoin), you could lose your money for good. It is highly recommended to make all necessary revisions when putting information into your account. 

Best Canadian Sportsbooks for Fast Payout

Here is where we introduce the fastest online sportsbook for making payouts. All the online sportsbook below have a proven record of fast payouts. They also come highly recommended for multiple other reasons such as their quality of odds, customer service team and overall performance.

  • Sports Interaction Sportsbook

Any withdrawal request on Sports Interaction is processed the following business day. Most payouts through debit and credit take between 24 and 48 hours to appear in your account. How long it takes to receive funds is dependent on your method of payout. Debit and credit cards process the quickest, followed by eWallets, bank transfers and cheques.

  • Betway Sportsbook

Betway openly states on their website, one of their goals is to process payout requests as quickly as possible. Betway’s dedication has not gone unnoticed, as many payouts are received within 72 hours. As usual, the method of payout affects how long it takes to process and receive, but rarely should any transaction take more than a week.

  • William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill’s years of experience, help them run one of the fastest payout services available to Canadians. Outside of physical cheques, almost all payout methods take between one and five business days to process and receive. Also, if you ever find yourself at a William Hill sportsbook in the United Kingdoms, you can receive cash payouts instantly. 

Sportsbooks Payout Additional Information

Here are a few things to remember before moving on in the guide. This information is not directly correlated to the speed of payouts but does often come up when submitting a request for a payout.

  • Deposit Method not Supported for Payouts

Although it is uncommon on online sportsbook, occasionally the method you use to deposit money you cannot use to withdraw money from your account. Most online sportsbook will tell you this when you are selecting your payment method. However, if you skipped the fine print, you will need to set up and verify a specific payout option before you receive any money.

  • Rollover Requirements

If you recently signed up for an online sportsbook and received a bonus, you will need to complete the rollover requirement before you are able to withdraw from your account. Each sportsbook has different regulations on rollovers. Some require you to complete it entirely before they process any payouts, while others allow you to access a percentage of winnings. When taking a bonus, make sure you read all the information on the rollover to avoid frustration or disappointment. 

Frequently Ask Questions

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