WebMoney Sportsbooks

WebMoney Sportsbooks
  • Secure method of transferring funds.
  • Low fees and multiple payment options available.
  • Play using multiple currencies around the world.

Sportsbooks That Accept WebMoney

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Established in Moscow in 1998, WebMoney Transfer has grown to serve more than 30 million users, including locations in sixty countries across the world. While you can fund your WebMoney account through the same methods as other online payment providers, the way that this service performs and keeps track of payment is relatively unique. Instead of a single transfer through traditional means, guarantor companies help create “WebMoney units” that can be sent around the world to balance accounts. [+]

Considering that this company has more than 60 countries in which people may perform deposits and withdrawals, it’s no surprise that plenty of sportsbooks are familiar with this payment method. Our list of sportsbooks that accept WebMoney also includes the minimum deposit that players must pay, as well as information about deposit bonuses that the site offers. Of course, visiting the promotions part of the website ensures you choose the bonuses that work best for your gambling style.

Betting Online With WebMoney

This system is one of the most secure in the world, due to their technological method of creating value through their “purse” system before exchanging payments through guarantor companies. Despite this unique, complex method of distributing payments, using this service is relatively simple.

After creating an account – one that’s verified through an online certificate system – you simply fill the account with the payment type of your choice. Depending on the currency that you wish to use, you can use bank cards, e-money, bank wires, in-person cash payments, internet or in-branch banks to fill a WebMoney account. Just like most sportsbooks, you then transfer funds from WebMoney into your wagering account. This type of payment method also allows you to transfer money back into your bank account, which helps make it easier to manage your sportsbook account.

Despite the fact that the system requires ID verification for all users and merchants, you still need to remain vigilant against fraudulent activity from unscrupulous operators.